$1.9B jackpot draw postponed due to security concerns

No deadline was announced by the California Lottery, in charge of the game, which highlighted security problems to postpone the result.

A suspense that should last a little longer than expected. While the long-awaited draw for the Powerball lottery for which the astronomical sum of 1.9 billion dollars is at stake was to be held this Monday night, the California Lottery, in charge of the game, indicated on its Twitter account that this draw has finally had to be postponed

“Tonight’s Powerball drawing was delayed because a participating lottery needs additional time to enforce required security protocols,” the company reads, recalling “strict security requirements that must be met by all 48 participating lotteries in relevant US states.” . USA”.

In a second message, the California Lottery indicates that the drawing will take place when “the required security protocols are completed.” “The winning numbers will be published as soon as they are available. Thank you for your patience,” without setting a date.

Later in the day, a new update indicates that the draw is still postponed and that it can only be carried out when the security conditions of the 48 participating States are guaranteed. According to the same document, the result of the draw could be announced on Tuesday morning, US time.

disgruntled netizens

In the same social network, feverish, several potential billionaires (the chances of winning the jackpot are one in 292.2 million) who validated their ticket did not appreciate the postponement of what is the largest win ever played in a lottery.

“I’m suing,” tweeted one of them wryly.

“The draw is held every two or three days, how can there suddenly be a security problem?” Asks another Internet user, while another wonders if any participant has not tried to “hack” the lottery system.

As the midterms approached, one Twitter user, disguised as humor, claimed that “lottery computers determined that a Republican will win the record-breaking Powerball drawing, causing an automatic delay.”

In general, anger and suspicion are the emotions that stand out the most among Internet users disappointed by this postponement of the draw.

Once the result is finally known, the lucky winners will have to choose between receiving the full amount through payments spread over three decades, or receiving the payment in one lump sum, after taxes.

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