10 reasons why Overwatch 2 is the best shooter of the moment

10 reasons why Overwatch 2 is the best shooter of the moment

Just a month after its launch, our tech columnist Maxime Johnson is unequivocal: surveillance 2 is the best online shooting game right now. This is why.

Because the large number of maps, modes and characters gives depth to the game

Kiriko, one of the new characters in Overwatch 2.

Screenshot: Maxime Johnson.

Kiriko, one of the new characters in Overwatch 2.

say i love it Supervision is an understatement. This is by far the game I’ve played the most in recent years. A few weeks ago, my 5 year old daughter even asked me “why do you keep playing this game?” “. Being judged by a kindergartner who keeps drawing unicorns, you have to do it.

What the girl does not understand is thatSupervisionand now surveillance 2, offers a particularly rich universe for a shooting game. There are 35 characters to play as, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and special attacks. In addition, the difference between one character and another is always huge (much more than between two types of weapons with obligations, for example, or even between two unicorns, for that matter). And since we’re playing five vs. five, we have to keep in mind who the other characters are on our team and who’s on the opposing team, and adjust the shot throughout the match.

Note that this is not a vertex (Rainbow Six: Siege now has over sixty characters), but it’s still enough to offer a good depth to the game, both for strategy and reflexes.

If we include all the modes (including the arcade modes that are not always available), there are also about forty cards to discover and master.

Because the duration of the parties is perfect.

Part ofSupervision it’s about 10 minutes in normal mode (usually a little less), or 10-20 in competitive mode. This is, to me, the ideal length for a little round after dinner before heading back to work (competitive), or even during the intermission of a hockey game (regular). I am too scared of the commitment of games that require more time.

Because it is the game with the best sound design

Supervision it stands out in particular for the richness of its audio environment. Screenshot: Maxime Johnson.

Supervision is by far the game with the best sound design in the industry. This is the mark to reach for game developers.

Why is the sound so good? For many reasons. For example, I like the fact that a character announces their arrival when a player changes mid-game, and that characters talk to each other when there’s no on-screen action (and these conversations aren’t generic, they’re specific). to the characters that are present: Tracer for example will not say the same thing to Winston as to Soldier: 76).

During the match, the characters also automatically communicate information to each other. Supporters like Mercy and Baptiste will say for example when they are attacked, Reinhardt will warn us that his shield is about to give way and others will specify that the other team has a sniper when a shot is narrowly missed. . These tips don’t just make us better, they help make the game more immersive. One character can also automatically taunt another after a good shot, for example.

The powers can also be recognized by their sound. Even though Reaper isn’t in my line of sight, I know I have to get out when the “last” of him arrives. The sound of our weapons also varies. The frequency of the sound emitted by Mercy’s staff changes, for example, depending on the standard of living of the companion she is helping. Then I can turn my attention elsewhere and heal someone else when I hear that my patient has recovered.

Rare are the games where hearing is so important.

because orisa

Defense Finished: Orisa is now a decidedly offensive character. Screenshot: Maxime Johnson.

Orisa has been my “hand” (name given in the industry to the characters we play with the most) since her arrival in supervision 1. With surveillance 2However, this has completely changed: it has gone from a defensive character to an offensive one, capable of knocking enemies off cliffs with its javelin.

I wasn’t too convinced at first, but in the end, he’s the character I like to play the most, all games combined.

Because the game is constantly renewed.

The transformations brought to Orisa are not unique. Various characters are entitled from time to time to modifications of this type, which allows, on the one hand, to balance the strength of the characters (for example, we need a strong Bastion to destroy Zarya’s bubble), but also simply to shuffle the cards on occasion.

Because the atmosphere is (sometimes) good-natured

The atmosphere is sometimes light in Overwatch 2.

Screenshot: Maxime Johnson.

The atmosphere is sometimes light in Overwatch 2.

Supervision it is a game that can often be good-natured. Especially in non-competitive modes, it happens, for example, that players choose to wave at each other instead of shooting at each other, especially if a crazy situation has just occurred. Kind of like the movie Merry Christmas (And like that movie about the Christmas truces during World War I, there’s always someone who crashes the party at one point or another).

Well, with that said, we’re not going to hide it, Overwatch isn’t just good-natured. It’s also a game that can be toxic, especially on PC, where keyboard access seems to incite insults and bragging (like typing EZ, for easyor easy, after an easily won game), as if we were on Reddit.

At least the weather is generally more peaceful on console.

Because the game makes us stay together.

Team composition is paramount in Overwatch 2.

Screenshot: Maxime Johnson.

Team composition is paramount in Overwatch 2.

Supervision it’s a team game, and even if played alone, several elements have been put in place to ensure balanced team building. The structure has its drawbacks (such as having to wait a long time before playing if you choose certain popular roles), but it’s also possible to choose modes that don’t enforce the roles.

The daily and weekly challenges have also been chosen to encourage players to take on less popular, but just as essential, support characters.

Supervision It’s not the only game that has adopted this formula, but it generally makes for an enjoyable experience and helps develop a sense of community around the game.

‘Cause we know what’s on the map

Team composition is paramount in Overwatch 2.

Screenshot: Maxime Johnson.

Team composition is paramount in Overwatch 2.

Partly because we play as a team, but also because of the design of the maps and modes, all players experience the same game in Supervision, and everyone could summarize the main lines of the party when it ends.

The same cannot be said for all games. A Battlefieldfor example, we have no idea what is happening on the other fronts.

The fact that the game has a “time to kill” (time to kill in English, or TTKthat is, the time that an altercation between two players will last, once one is in the other’s sights) especially high also contributes to centralizing the action, since all the players can be in the same place for long seconds. .

because it is free

Overwatch 2's monetization works on a Battle Pass principle, as is increasingly the case with free-to-play games.

Screenshot: Maxime Johnson.

Overwatch 2’s monetization works on a Battle Pass principle, as is increasingly the case with free-to-play games.

It’s a double-edged sword, but Overwatch 2 is free.

This freedom has a cost. In fact, you will have to play long hours to get cosmetic accessories and also to unlock new characters. The only new character since last summer’s beta, Kiriko, was given to all players at launch, but normally one would have had to hit level 55 of the battle pass to get it, which is around two to three weeks of play. obviously it is also acquired with money.

Does the formula represent a step forward or a step back? It probably depends on who you ask. For those who want to accumulate as many collectibles as possible, surveillance 2 will certainly cost more over time thansupervision 1 (which was full price when it launched).

Personally, I don’t care too much about how my characters look. So between paying $80 or $0, I prefer free.

Because’surveillance 2 It is not 1.5. Or so little.

One of the biggest criticisms ofSupervision is that it’s more of a big update than a new game.

It is not entirely false. Also, most of my observations shared here apply to both the first game and its sequel.

But at the same time, there are significant improvements between the two, especially in relation to the game engine, capable of much larger maps and improved visual representation (especially in relation to lighting). The style remains simplistic, but surveillance 2 is certainly more beautiful thansupervision 1. The amount of new characters, new maps and new modes is also considerable (and not too far from a new version of obligations or of splatoonfor instance).

Then, Monitoring 1.5 Where surveillance 2? It’s not that important. In any case, the notion of 1 or 2 is not very relevant with a game of these characteristics, which is continuously updated and which, moreover, has gone from a paid model to a free model (not to mention that the story mode will not be released until next year).

surveillance 2 It’s not the only good multiplayer shooter, but do other titles have as much to offer right now? I really doubt it.

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