A change of heart in Jordan Poole? “Bullshit” according to Stephen Curry

It is one of the best environments we have had in my twelve years here, in terms of health, sanity and camaraderie. Bob Myers may get in shape, the atmosphere described was somewhat dampened by the altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole.

The Warriors camp is now invited to react to this episode, which ended with a punch from the inside to his young teammate. The latter, according to the echoes of the American press, would have annoyed Draymond Green for his attitude from the beginning of “training camp”, while the two men are eligible for a contract extension.

One version of events extensively discussed by Stephen Curry. ” Whatever the tweet in question that was posted yesterday insinuating that JP’s attitude or something has changed since he came to camp, or whatever period of time they’re talking about, that’s sheer nonsense. “, also annoys the leader, before referring to Andre Iguodala’s tweets posted the day before.

The team veteran also came out in defense of his young teammate, a boy with a strong character », and denounced the « SOURCES journalists, implicated in the origin of a distorted view of the facts. ” And it’s a family affair with my brother (Draymond Green)”, he concluded.

Go forward

However, according to Stephen Curry, there is nothing that justifies yesterday’s situation. I want it to be clear. It’s also something that we don’t think will derail our season that Draymond is a part of. I hate that he’s become kind of a fixture in the narrative, which isn’t fair to JP. »

Steve Kerr also comes to the 23-year-old’s defense, describing him as ” fantastic on this side. ” I came across this article last night. Someone wrote that Jordan had a different attitude at camp. Could not be farther from the truth. He was fantastic. So it’s disappointing to see misinformation floating around, but I wanted to make sure he got it right. “.

Despite the incident, Stephen Curry assures that yesterday’s training was full of good vibes. “ It’s obviously an unfortunate situation that could have been avoided, but there’s a lot of trust within our team, in who we are, who these two guys are and how we’re going to get through this and continue to play good basketball. Personal and other dynamics will work out eventually. I like the way we reacted today. We had a good training session with good energy. I’m trying to keep that in mind as we go. »

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