a consultant sends Riolo back to the ropes

Daniel Riolo was not kind to the Foceans, after the OM-Sporting match (4-1). The journalist considers that Igor Tudor’s team has not offered anything in terms of play. Giovanni Castaldi takes the opposite position: the consultant believes that the Olympic collective is improving.

Sure CMR sportsOn the contrary, Daniel Riolo criticized the game displayed by the Marseilles against Sporting. The journalist considered that the training led by Igor Tudor had not offered anything and that the result was mainly due to the errors of the Portuguese goalkeeper. His opinion, however, is not unanimous.

“The goalkeeper’s mistakes come because OM put crazy pressure”

Giovanni Castaldi believes that the Phocaeans are making progress. The consultant sees a group that improves: “For me, now, the first turning point of the game, which changes the attitude of the people from Marseille, is Pau López’s break. Behind, we see Mattéo Guendouzi and Alexis Sánchez haranguing their partners. Regarding the Chilean’s equalizer, what seems incredible to me is that when it’s the others who put pressure on the goalkeeper, it seems fantastic to us. I remember what we said about Benzema against PSG last year, that he did something similar: ‘La Real has resources, Benzema is fantastic’, but we don’t say that it was thanks to Donnarumma that Real qualified. OM went for their victory, they were brave. The goalkeeper’s mistakes come because the OM put crazy pressure. It’s because OM didn’t give up that Sporting collapsed and they couldn’t get their heads above water. It’s simplistic to talk only about the goalkeeper’s mistakes.”it fell on the chain The team.

OM currently occupies the 2me position in the Ligue 1 table, with 23 points obtained in 9 games. But if they are undefeated in the Championship, the Olympic club has more difficulties in the Champions League. Their first two meetings against Tottenham and Frankfurt ended in defeat. The game played on Tuesday therefore allowed him to start his season in C1.

The next game for Igor Tudor’s team is scheduled for Saturday at 5:00 p.m. against Ajaccio. The opportunity for the people of Marseille to respond to criticism.

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