A new machine for this Nintendo game? A clue leaked!

game news A new machine for this Nintendo game? A clue leaked!

In the menu of the Diary for this Monday, November 7, we analyze the new job offer from the Creature studio, Nintendo’s Pokémon support company. We then reacted to the controversy over the new Final Fantasy 16 trailer following the Paris Games Week super senior esports tournament. The Journal, come on!


  • A new generation of consoles?
  • A not very inclusive Final Fantasy?
  • Sports star at 95

A new generation of consoles?

The Creature studio, Nintendo’s right arm in the games of the franchise Pokemon, activate the recruitment mode for your future projects! According to the announcement, is looking for a 3DCG character modeler, with also a very special mission… This work would encourage research on the appearance of a new generation of consoles or a port to smartphones. In fact, the study wants to point beyond the current range of consoles. Meanwhile, Pokémon Scarlet / Violet, the first Open World of the saga, will be released on November 18.

A not very inclusive Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy XVI is about to end and the first advances of the new work have been presented. If fans are eagerly awaiting a release date, the reveal of the first images has left many frustrated. The community denounces the lack of ethnic diversity in the cast of characters in the game, seen by predominantly white male individuals. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, said in an interview:

From the earliest stages of development, our concept always brought medieval Europe to the fore, incorporating the historical, cultural, political and anthropological norms prevailing at the time.

As a reminder, Final Fantasy XVI is billed as the darkest and most violent in the franchise, potentially rated M (17+) based on the ESRB rating.

Sports star at 95

The Silver Geek association recruits volunteers in civic service to organize video game workshops for the elderly. If Scrabble games are, of course, part of the program, Wii Sports Resort and its bowling alley allow seniors to play esports. This is the case of Marcel, close to turning 95, and Monique, 70, who won the Wii Bowling Seniors Trophy.. These two champions were present at Paris Games Week during a tournament on stage. We invite you to see these images in our Diary of the day!

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