A new mode of governance in CA Brive with an executive board and a supervisory board on which, in particular, Julie Gayet will sit

It was one of the logical consequences after the announcement of the arrival of Ian Osborne as the main shareholder, revealed exclusively in our columns on August 29: set up a new internal organization.

premium Arrival of Ian Osborne, a new investor at CA Brive: behind the scenes of a historic negotiation

After a general meeting of shareholders of Brive Rugby SAS, which took place last Saturday, October 1 at the club, a unanimity ratified the new mode of government of the CAB with a board of directors and a supervisory council.

Julie Gayet is unanimous on the supervisory board

The latter will be chaired by Simon Gillham with, as Vice President, Briviste Thierry Blandinières, CEO of the large InVivo group. And among the other 16 members of this committee is a personality named Julie Gayet, the actress and companion of the former President of the Republic, François Hollande.

Ian Osborne, CAB’s main shareholder here in the stadium stands with Julie Gayet, who is now on the supervisory board Photo Credit Benjamin Pommier

“Julie is a fervent fan, present very often at the Stadium. She has also and above all been unanimous within the council and will be an important ambassador for the club in circles where rugby is not, ”we tell them, discreetly.

Another new presence to highlight is that of the businessman who works in New York, Arnaud Plas. He should, according to our information, invest in the club. There are also two members of Vivendi’s board of directors, Hervé Philippe and François Laroze, and of course Ian Osborne.

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32.5% in the hands of Ian Osborne, 16% of Vivendi

The powerful English businessman also officially owns 32.5% of Brive Rugby as announced during the general meeting. It is followed by Vivendi with 16% and Brive le Pack, which includes local and regional partners, with 8.25%.

In addition to the supervisory board, a management board has also been created. The latter is chaired by Jacky Lintignat, former CEO of KPMG who was already present in the previous administration committee and in the last executive committee. The general director is Xavier Ric who will be “the daily operational manager”, they tell us.

“This new organization, above all, allows us to formalize and strengthen things in the club. Internally, the future becomes permanent as each shareholder or major sponsor is present by our side for the long term”, we added in the corridors of the club. .

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