A Plague Tale – Requiem: Our Trophy/Achievement Review!

A Plague Tale – Requiem: Our Trophy/Achievement Review!

A Plague Tale: Requiem is an action-adventure game developed and published by the French d’Asobo Studio. Posted on October 18, 2022, A Plague Tale: Requiem is the continuation of the title of the first subtitled work “ Innocence “. Here again, you play Amicia and her brother Hugo, who are being eaten away more and more by the Macula. Therefore, you seek by all means to save your brother while a new wave of plague spreads. If you want to learn a little more and see directly what it is about, we advise you to see our friend’s test X-Red :


First of all, it will be appreciable for you to know thatno success can be missed. Also, you are free to play on the difficulty of your choice because no trophy is tied to any difficulty level. So sit back and enjoy the scenery, while you dig as much as possible to collect as many collectibles as possible from your first run. Just keep one thing in mind: don’t use the knives for any reason, except to open secret chests!


First of all, you should know that 17 achievements will be yours once you have completed each of the 17 chapters that make up the game. To avoid spoiling the story, we will not reveal more about them and let you enjoy the adventure that the game offers. you to experiment. However, we can point out some objectives to be met within specific chapters, namely:

  • During the first chapter, make sure you sink all the pineapples by performing a Perfect shot. Be careful, this trophy doesn’t seem to drop when your sling is upgraded with the double shot, make sure you bandage your sling before each shot.
  • In Chapter 4, prove Clemency with the guard who will have cooperated with you at the docks by not killing him.
  • During Chapter 8, be sure to take a perfect launch in the game of crowns, for the four crowns that you will have to aim for.
  • One chapter later, interact with all 15 items in the Shrine of theold protector.


Starting in Chapter 2, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills by raising three gauges: Caution, Aggressiveness, and Opportunism. Although a single game probably won’t be enough to max out all three, you can increase your caution gauge by being Cautious and killing less than a third of the soldiers present in an area (understand by this a subchapter). As for opportunism, you will have to be Intelligent and kill between one and two thirds of the enemies, while you will need to kill more than two thirds to be a Swing full of aggression.

Note: The most difficult caliber to climb is opportunism because it falls between the other two. In fact, if you play stealth and stay hidden as much as possible, or if you instead play scold mode and kill everyone, the corresponding gauges will go up without too much concern. To be honest with you, the caution indicator was the last to max out with us, because we like to rush into the heap!

Like its predecessor, A Plague Tale: Requiem offers the possibility of upgrading your equipment. Therefore, you will have to find workbenches and tools to make your slingshot progress as much as possible, which is more than a toyown a perfected crossbowstate-of-the-art instruments for powerful tools, and top notch equipment to use Pockets full! Finally, you will have to perfectly master the operation of alchemy thanks to your pocket lab. Speaking of alchemy, you’ll need to craft 100 ammo to prove you’re real. Alchemistand can play Night guard extinguishing 40 fires with the right ammunition.


Here we are at the most painstaking part of your trophy quest: harvesting. In fact, the game once again offers a multitude of objects that you will have to collect to complete the corresponding objectives:

  • Become Herbalist collecting the 5 flowers from Hugo’s herbarium that appear in chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 16.
  • playOrnithologist collecting the 7 hidden feathers in chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13.
  • remember the 21st eternal memories that the game offers Like the previous two categories of collectibles, these are saved immediately once found, for the entire game, including the chapter selection and New Game Plus. You can find your collection tracking in the Codex menu.
  • Finally, and this is probably where you may run into difficulties, become Explorer finding the ten secret chests you’ll find from chapter 3 to chapter 13. Be careful though, you’ll absolutely have to have a knife to open a chest, so don’t use them on your enemies! We can also point out that these chests are only counted for the current game, and their accumulation seems to start from scratch during New Game Plus. Lastly, keep in mind that knives are very easy to find because they are more numerous on Easy difficulty, but they are much rarer on higher difficulties (and therefore NG+). So be rigorous not to miss any, otherwise you will have to replay several chapters.

Our rating

16/20 7/20 between 25 and 30 hours


let’s be clear, A Plague Tale: Requiem it’s an excellent game. The visual quality is there, the art direction is top notch, and the setting is very intriguing. Also, we recommend that you watch what happens after the credits, which may give hope for a future for the license! However, we regret that the game only runs at 30 FPS, which is clearly felt in certain phases where the image moves a bit. When it comes to trophy hunting, the list is neither too demanding nor punitive. Therefore, with closed eyes, we recommend this title to you, to finally listen to the sweet Requiem falling platinum! Finally, if you want to (re)do the first opus, you can always check out our Trophy review in this article!

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