“A sample of the unfinished”, “Rich in emotions…” How much is the finale of the series of events that airs tonight worth?

Four weeks and then they’re gone… This Monday, October 10, TF1 will offer the last two chapters of its series the fighters. Historical saga that takes place during the First World War, recounts the crossed destinies of Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot), a prostitute who wants to find her son, Suzanne (Camille Lou), a nurse accused of murder, Caroline (Sofia Essaïdi), the wife of a businessman he will have to take care of, and Mother Agnès (Julie de Bona), shaken in her faith after her encounter with a wounded German, and after the discovery of the ignoble secrets of the Abbé Vautrin (Laurent Gerra). Throughout the episodes, the lives of the four women are intertwined and, this Monday, October 10, viewers will know what will become of them… But the ending divided our journalists, Emilie López and Emilie Léoni.

An unfinished taste

This is a series that really glued me to my couch. ! That is to say, then, if I waited with great impatience to be able to discover the final episode of the saga, after hours spent in the company of the quartet of heroines. Alas, if the quality of the writing and all propriety hold up, this final episode leaves me with a sample of unfinished business. Let viewers not expect a mess of results, some characters just don’t have any! If this is undoubtedly script bias, it left me, for one, unsatisfied. So I wouldn’t be against an extra episode or two – tips to the prod!“ asks Emilie López.

The continuation under this ad

rich in emotions

“My son, my fight.” So I could summarize what I will remember from this end of the historical saga. Because if I vibrated very strongly and in unison with the fight carried out by our four heroines (and consorts!) throughout the season, I have dedicated from the first episode a particular attachment to the character and destiny of Marguerite De Lancastel, alias Audrey Fleurot. Maybe it’s because I’m a mother myself, but her past, her gray areas, her resilience, her desperate search to find, to finally “meet” her child, moved me deeply. A relationship as beautiful as it is complex between these two characters, which kept me spellbound until this outcome, certainly somewhat predictable, but rich in emotion. And who, I don’t know about you, still asks some questions…“explains Emilie Leoni

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