A ‘time traveler’ claims a massive asteroid will hit Earth in November

On TikTok, a user claims to be from the future. It offers doomsday predictions as terrifying as they are implausible…

Will the next few years be dark for Earth and humanity? As Russia threatens to use “all necessary means” to support her military, fears of a nuclear apocalypse are reignited. But on social media, it’s another type of end of the world predicted by a user.

visitor from the future

Will the prophets of the 21st century make themselves known on TikTok? The idea seems stupid (it really is), and yet it is on this social network that a self-proclaimed time traveler decided to share his predictions.

According to him, this character would come from the year 2671, the year in which the Earth would have been devastated by various cataclysms. Thanks to a technology that he keeps secret at the moment, this time traveler would have returned to our time to warn us and, perhaps, avoid doing some of them.

According to this visitor from the future, therefore, these would be the catastrophic events that will occur soon:

  • November 2022 (again): A star will explode and light up our skies for years
  • November 30: The James Webb Telescope finds a planet that would be the “mirror version” of Earth
  • December 2022: a huge meteorite will hit the Earth, it will contain unknown materials and hostile aliens
  • January 2023: animal species and giant insects will be discovered
  • 2023: a virus, deadly in 50% of cases, will emerge because of the polar ice caps
  • 2025: Humans will have to wear oxygen masks to breathe due to an increase in carbon dioxide

Mystery for everyone… #fyp, #foryou, #timetravel, #radianttime, #timetraveler, #xyzbca, #viral, #conspiracy, #theory

♬ Epic Music (873690) – Pavel


Time flies… #fyp, #foryou, #timetravel, #radianttime, #timetraveler, #xyzbca, #viral, #conspiracy, #theory

♬ Epic Music (873690) – Pavel

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zero credibility

If these predictions scare you, we’d rather reassure you: they have little chance of coming true, and no experts back them up anyway. Every year, the pseudo-prophets find a new way to share their gibberish to give themselves importance and distress the most unbelieving.

Publicity stunt, joke, bet? This account is not to be taken seriously, but we can still admire the involvement of the people behind it. Indeed, all the codes of the mystic-conspiracy video are mastered : the images are cryptic, the music provokes anxiety, the messages are vague… In short, everything is done to scare us.

But no one is fooled.

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