AC Ajaccio: The overconfidence of the Marseilles after Payet’s historic goal

In the Velodrome stadium,

A Dimitri Payet with mixed feelings. On Saturday afternoon, against AC Ajaccio, bottom of Ligue 1, Igor Tudor’s men were quick to open the scoring, thanks to a penalty quickly converted by the number 10 (13th). The Olympique de Marseille midfielder thus became the first Ligue 1 player to add 100 goals and 100 assists, thanks to his early penalty kick.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while and unfortunately I couldn’t do it at the end of last season because I was injured. Today it happened, I am happy and proud, because I am the first to do it. It is a mark that could leave in this championship. It was a personal goal, so I’m happy to have achieved it because it marks an important milestone in a career”, savored Dimitri Payet.

“Difficult to explain what happened”

Despite this historical record, the man from Reunion was “angry”, “because we are winning 1-0 at home, the path was laid out for a beautiful afternoon but we managed to cause a surprise”. Because paradoxically, this initial goal by Dimitri Payet coincided with the gradual disintegration of his team, “it really is the goal that changed the game”, Igor Tudor even underlined: “We thought that maybe we were going to put 2 or 3”. Except that the Marseillais were lulled to sleep by Ajacciens, who played a “perfect game”, always according to the OM coach, and it was the complete opposite that finally happened. First for the tie, against the course of the game by Moussiti (25th). Before a new blunder by Leo Baleri, who tricked Rubén Blanco, the starter instead of Pau López, by wanting to clear his field with a fairly innocuous center (47′).

Without ever, we Marseillais feel capable of returning. “It is true that it is difficult for me to explain what happened. We only played 15 minutes. We started well, with the right frame of mind. But after the goal we changed our energy, we lowered the level. We conceded this goal and it was difficult to react until the end of the match”, lamented Igor Tudor.

Dimitri Payet “I hope it’s just an accident”

If Olivier Pantaloni, the coach of AC Ajaccio to evoke “it may be a little too much confidence in the face of the last championship”, by OM, the Croatian has swept away with this idea: “He had no decision to win the match , not even by substitutes. You always have to have it, even when you play badly. »

This defeat clearly marks a setback for OM, the first of the season in the league. Dimitri Payet “hope it’s just an accident. We’ve had a good run since the start of the season, it would be a shame to throw it all away after a loss. But this one is hard to digest. And be careful, precisely, with indigestion, because Igor Tudor’s men will play a match almost as crucial as last Tuesday’s against Sporting de Portugal, but this time in Lisbon, starting on Tuesday.

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