after Joyca’s accident, netizens moved

End of the adventure for Joyca? During the second qualifying session, the youtuber-driver lost control of his F4 at the Dunlop corner. Heavily damaged, the car was towed away. An image that ends with the hopes that the pilot – who was not injured – will be on the starting line at 4:55 p.m.

Finally, at 12:10 p.m., the mechanics, assessing the damage, indicated that it was still possible that the car could be repaired in time…

“We are proud of you! “

Before the images, broadcast live on Twitch, Internet users were moved and gave their support to the pilot.

Joyca’s accident turned my stomach! I am in a lot of pain because I know you have invested a lot in it. Very good course even when we are proud! comments a young woman on Twitter.

For Florent, who transmits the image below like many Internet users, it is heartbreaking.

Strength for you Joyca. We all believed in it, you participated and that’s the most important thing. We all believed in you and you were great. further encouraged Antonin.

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Joyce’s reaction

Live on Twitch, the amateur pilot explained that he only had pain in his lower back after the accident. I got there, in the great Dunlop of death, there is a wall that scares you a little, well, I took it.

“Now I’m breathing very hard. But as soon as I wrote, I closed my eyes. It lasted super long in my head, I turned my life around. »

He assured netizens and fans: I’m fine, you have the right to laugh about that..

If the car can be repaired in time, the driver could finally take the exit. However, Joyca explained at 12:10 p.m. that she feared amental block.

Skin it in pole position

And it is Depielo who arrives in pole position for the race, scheduled for 4:55 p.m. He was cheered by the almost 40,000 spectators present at Le Mans.

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