Ain. Pont-de-Vaux loses his American friend, bassist for Madonna

The sad news has come from the United States: the disappearance across the Atlantic of Bill Lanphier at the age of 73 mourns a part of Ain, where the man had some friends on the side of Pont-de-Vaux.

Musician of Madonna, Michael Bolton, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or even Art Garfunkel, Bill Lanphier was also known for his talent as a photographer, writer and driver (particularly he participated in the climb of Pikes Peak, Colorado, and incidentally he was known like the Carrera WBGO, “Wild Bill get off”, literally “Wild Bill get off”).

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Friends in Bresse, in Reyssouze

The Californian had come to Pont-de-Vaux at the request of the organizing association of the World Cup (then acronym Les 12 Heures de Pont-de-Vaux) with his qualities as a photographer and above all as a press representative for many titles in United States, France, Australia, Russia, Spain, Germany, etc. Few knew then of the musical talents of Bill Lanphier, who had toured Madonna’s first world tour as a bassist.

“We can say that Bill made the 12 Hours of Pont-de-Vaux known all over the world thanks to his reports and photos. He had even done a theme on the blossoming of Pont-de-Vaux ”, recalls Michel Maingret, one of his faithful friends from Bressans who often hosted him at his home in Reyssouze.

“I had the pleasure of visiting his city of Albany facing the San Francisco Bay and talking about the World Cup which, for him, was the most important race in the world. And he went back to the Malibu beach restaurant a few days later. »

Oxen in Mâcon and Pont-de-Vaux

From time to time, he played with friends from Pont-de-Vaux or Mâcon. This epicurean had discovered with delight the gastronomy of Bresse and shared a table with his friends from Pontevallois. The Thursday before the departure of the infernal herd during the World Cup, everyone gathered in the parking lot of the canal bridge, at the table of a motorhome or at the house of Michel Maingret and his wife Christine.

Years of sincere friendship in the night of Bresse, with the late Joseph Négrillo, the master of fireworks at the Mondial, Madeleine, Élisabeth, Monique, Mario, etc.

Last Saturday, Pont-de-Vaux lost a talented and loyal ambassador. For four years, for health reasons, everyone’s friend no longer came to make his annual pilgrimage the last week of August. However, he had not severed this strong bond with his friends from Bressan, particularly thanks to social networks.

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