Albert II of Monaco poses for the first time with two of his illegitimate children

Prince Albert II poses with his daughter Jazmin and son Alexander. (Published on November 7, 2022). Screenshot from Instagram/@nicole.coste

The prince appeared alongside his daughter Jazmin and son Alexander as part of a gathering in New York. A snapshot shared on Instagram by Nicole Coste, Alberto II’s ex-lover, on Monday, November 7.

“New York, fatherly king.” This is the caption of the photo posted by Nicole Coste, former mistress of Albert II of Monaco, on her Instagram account. In fact, the prince posed for the first time with two of his illegitimate children on Monday, November 7. Charlene de Monaco’s husband enjoyed a meal with his daughter Jazmin, 30, born from his relationship with American waitress Tamara Rotolo, and Alexandre, 19, born from his affair with former air hostess Nicole Coste . A photograph in which the trio appears smiling, while the prince puts an arm around the young woman’s shoulders.

On video, Charlene, melancholic princess of Monaco

DNA test

Jazmin Grimaldi had met her biological father at the age of 11, when a DNA test confirmed his paternity. Since then, the duo would have a “superb relationship”. Albert II had also confirmed being the father of Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste in 2005, just before he was enthroned as head of the Principality. The prince, who also welcomed twins Jacques and Gabriella with his wife Charlene in 2014, would also be the father of a third illegitimate child. Indeed, a Brazilian has assured, since December 2020, that her 15-year-old daughter is also the prince’s.

Meeting in a nightclub in Rio

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have met Albert II in a Rio nightclub in 2004, a period in which he was already dating Charlene from Monaco. Allegations that the prince has always denied. The latter would also face the Brazilian before the Court of Milan, in February, but this legal battle never took place, which suggests a possible economic agreement between the two parties.

The news, however, has the effect of a shock wave within the princely family. Shortly after these rumours, Charlene from Monaco had indeed shaved off some of her hair, before flying to South Africa, where she stayed for nine months, officially for health reasons. Upon her return, she too had been admitted to a specialized facility. It is not yet clear if these events are related to the rumors of another hidden child.

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