Alexa Chung Reveals Her Fall Fashion Wish List

alexa chung, is a captivating smile, almond-shaped eyes, kilometers of legs and humor to spare. But not only. She is also a true icon who cultivates her own style, with sixties influences but in perfect harmony with the times. This universe, so personal to her, propelled her ten years ago to the forefront of the most influential personalities in the microcosm of fashion… From which she has never left it. Alternately model, author, muse, TV presenter, contributor to the English version of Vogue, alexa chung it also multiplies collaborations in fashion. And especially with the British brand barbour with whom he has forged special ties since signing his seventh collaboration this fall!


On the program of this collection: a wardrobe of outerwear made up of 14 pieces. Of course, there are the essential greased cotton raincoats that look like bombers, but there are also coats with corduroy or vinyl collars with 70s touches. and because it is good alexa chung she who is in the best position to talk about this fall capsule, we were able to ask her a few questions. Selected pieces…

“I like that my collaboration with Barbour plays with this past while remaining modern”: Meet Alexa Chung

This is his seventh collaboration with Barbour. Where did you get your inspiration for this new collection?
alexa chung : I wanted to emphasize comfort as much as style. The plaid that hides the lining of the Blair jacket (my favorite) was an opportunity to add my touch to the classic Barbour fabrics. Our Nevis jacket is of excellent quality and at the same time looks like something out of the 60’s. What excites me most about this collaboration is taking advantage of the brand’s roots to modernize them. And as always, special attention has been paid to the specific colors of the jackets and coats. Our Bonnie jacket, available in sunny yellow, for example, is the perfect shade to wear with jeans. In other words, an urban style that could also accompany you in the field.

Barbour x Alexa Chung – Yellow Bonnie Jacket


Barbour via

The Barbour x Alexa Chung collaboration in 3 words?
Elegant, classic and practical.

How do you explain the success of Barbour jackets, almost 90 years after their creation?
In my opinion, it is a brand that excels at what it does and has never deviated from its original idea. They make waterproof clothing and because the way they’re designed has never changed and they carry on a certain tradition, Barbour has become the go-to brand for anyone looking for something to keep them warm and dry while they’re out, in a way. , “iconic”. I like that our collaboration plays with this past while remaining modern.

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