Amandine Buchard, bronze medalist in -52 kg: “I will learn to savor this medal”

“Christophe Massina, his coach, told us that he was in tears after his day ended with a bronze medal against the Mongolian Bishrelt, his third personal with those of 2014 (-48 kg) and 2018 (-52 kg) . What does it do to you?
It makes me happy to get this third world medal with Christophe (Massin), we complement each other perfectly. For a few weeks he was under a lot of pressure, he managed to relax me to help me prepare as well as possible. I thank you

You came for the gold, what does this bronze taste like?
The goal was to be world champion, but today there were very good things. I banged my fist on the table saying (to Uta Abe, the Japanese who beat her in the semifinals and won the title in -52 kg) that I’m not going to let her go between now and the 2024 Paris Olympics. I’ll keep it positive. Okay, I came for the gold, but I took down different techniques, I hooked Abe the second time I took her down, it’s been a while since we haven’t seen him go down. Little by little I am making my way. We will continue to work hard to get other medals, if possible in gold. It is still my third world medal, I am constant, I am on the podium in all competitions. I’m not going to complain. Yes, I’m not going to settle for bronze, I want more but I can’t say I’m disappointed with this medal. I will learn to savor it.

“Uta Abe, I’m going to put it on”

What do you need to beat Uta Abe?
Is coming. A little more aggressiveness, I’m going to have to get even more into it. In the action that I put in, no mark in the space, maybe I could have ironed the arm for maybe a pin. There is a good drink (shoulder movement) also. I’ll stay on this positive. I’ll have to put it on.

How do you come back when you’re so close to a world semi-final win for bronze?
I didn’t have too many problems because I gave my best. He still had a fight to win to get the medal. It was important to secure it. I did the work. I put on some tracksuits at Totof (masine) in the last fight but the medal is there.

He scolded you a bit after the bronze medal win…
Little grunts, little reminders but in the end I know he’s happy.

Because we felt that you were upset in this last fight…
A little because it is very physical, we want to secure the medal and it fit me. It is true that I could have put up a better fight but the medal is there.

Did you get hit in the right eye?
Yes, it’s Abe. In addition to hitting me, he misled me, in an action where he pushed, I fell on the mat. It’s not serious, it’s a small war wound. It burns a bit. The shower is going to hurt.

You also unlock the French medal counter…
Yes, I hope there will be a lot, also in gold. We’ll figure it out in the end. »

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