Amandine Pellissard sentenced to 6 months in prison: returns to her guilt

Become famous thanks to the show ” Large families “Amandine Pellissard had some problems in 2016. While she was pregnant with her sixth child, health problems forced her to stop working.

For his part, her husband was also fired at the same time. Not knowing what to do to meet the needs of her children, Amandine I end up committing a crime. She spoke about it during an interview with Télé Star.

Amandine Pellissard in a difficult situation

Amandine Pellissard will no longer perform for fans of the show ” Large families “. Since the summer of 2020, this mother of 8 children reveals his daily life to TF1 viewers.

She gained some notoriety thanks to the show, and has become a bona fide social media star. If Amandine Pellissard’s life seems fulfilled today, it has not always been so. In 2016, she experienced a particularly difficult period.

While pregnant with her sixth child, Amandine and her husband were in financial difficulties. They could no longer support their children. How did they get there? The one who shares Alexander’s life revealed everything during an interview with Télé-Loisirs.

“I am in pathological arrest so I cannot continue working because I have problems related to my pregnancy. Alexandre, who has had a permanent contract in an industrial bakery for more than ten years, finds himself laid off almost overnight,” he said.

Sentenced to 6 months in prison for food theft

In a few weeks, the couple found himself with nothing. Since they no longer received any income, they could not even buy food. An unbearable situation that later took the mother of the family to the extreme.

To support her household, Amandine Pellissard was forced to steal food. It lasted several days until they catch her.

“When they caught me, I had just under €200 in my shopping cart and they thought I had stolen multiple times. The security guard had seen me at the automatic checkouts,” the clan leader explained to Télé-Star.

After this robbery, Amandine Pellissard found herself in police custody. Then he went to trial.but was unable to attend. Why ? Because it was the day that her sixth child decided to appear. According to Amandine, her absence hurt her, because she considers that the sentence handed down by the judge is a bit heavy.

“I think it is a sentence that is extrapolated because I stole food, but it did not deserve six months in prison. Well, obviously the justice system doesn’t like it when you don’t show up for your legal obligations, so of course I’m afraid of the sentence,” Pelissard’s mother confided.

Amandine Pellissard: a second trial?

If this experience I was particularly trying for Amandine Pellissard, however, it allowed her to learn lessons. Whatever we do, things will always catch up with us. Thanks to this experience, the mother of the family is now excited about her future. It must also be said that there is a lot.

Since, not only does she have a family that loves her, but also, money worries are now behind her. However, Amandine Pellissard is aware that what she did is wrong. She’s not looking for excuses and she certainly doesn’t intend to start over.

“I didn’t have to do this. I am absolutely not looking for excuses. Even if I had reasons that led me to steal food at the time, it was not excusable at all,” she said.

For information, the mother of the family will have to pass a second time before the judge to answer for his offense. If the trial date is not yet known, Alexander’s wife is already preparing for it. In fact, she said that she had “I got a lawyer from Besançon” represent her at the hearing. A hearing that should take place at the end of winter.

“It hasn’t moved yet, I’m waiting for the date of my appeal hearing,” Amandine explained when questioned about it.

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