Amandine Petit eliminated, very tense atmosphere with Chris Marques


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Eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” on Friday, October 7, Amandine Petit seemed very bitter after the announcement of her expulsion from the competition. The exchange of her with Chris Marques was also quite cold…

This Friday, October 7, the personalities still in contention in dance with the stars They have turned on the show floor again to try to qualify for next week. After an exciting final bonus marked by the presence of mysterious guests, which took a few steps with the candidates, the competition took a step up on Friday. This week, judges Chris Marques, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Bilal Hassani and François Alu had a mission: accompany two duets each, time for a dance. Newcomer to the competition, prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot, for example, had the opportunity to train alongside Billy Crawford and her partner Fauve Hautot, as well as Amandine Petit and her dancer Anthony Collette. Despite the fact that she teamed up with one of the season’s favorites, singer Billy Crawford, Amandine Petit was eliminated from the adventure after the dreaded face to face.

An eviction that has naturally had trouble digesting. Withdrawn during the traditional “debrief” of the show, the one who was crowned Miss France 2021 did not seem to want to participate in the discussions between the qualified personalities, the presenter Camille Combal or even the judges of the adventure. This has not escaped Chris Marques. The Latin dance specialist did not hesitate to challenge himwhich resulted in a very tense exchange

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“It’s the dance that speaks,” says Chris Marques

“I think Amandine, She is not happy. You know Amandine, it’s normal, I understand perfectly that you’re not happy, it’s normal, but every week there is one removed, first launched the young Norman. Before I add that having to eliminate a candidate is never a piece of cake: “Every week, we make decisions that upset us because we really don’t want to let anyone in, but you know, in the end, it is the dance that speaks.”

Head held high, Amandine Petit replied, a little bitterly: It doesn’t matter, I’m going to go to Normandy with Marie-Agnès Gillot and it makes me so, so happy..” Despite her legitimate disappointment, the beauty queen is still very proud to have been able to participate in Dance with the stars an adventure that she describes as “crazy” and D’“incredible”. “During all these weeks, We give our whole lives to Dancing with the Stars, he trusted me. When Marie-Agnès Gillot praised her progress over the weeks in the competition, Amandine Petit did not fail to send a final message small shovel to the judges It finally didn’t show up in the notes, that’s what’s crazyshe said, she who picked up a 6 and two 5s from Bilal Hassani, Chris Marques and François Alu. But let fans of the show rest easy: Amandine Petit knows how to put things in perspective and focus on the positive. We’ll bury the ax, even assured Chris Marques. Something to calm the little tensions.

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