Amandine Petit, scandal in DALS

Tonight, October 7, TF1 issues a new bonus Dancing with the Stars with Camille Combal. And this cousin could be marked by the rescue of Amandine Petit thanks to Billy Crawford. The two candidates form a team.

And for some fans of the show, this is a scandal.
Although the former beauty queen was in danger of leaving the first channel’s dance competition tonight, here she can be saved. Billy Crawford is the likely winner of this show.

This decision was not appreciated on social networks.
“If Amandine is saved just because she’s on a team with Billy when it’s clearly up to her to clean up, that’s a scandal! “commented a fan.
“The Fauve & Billy and Amandine & Anthony team reminded me of the students who fit into the best work groups, who do nothing and get the best grades thanks to them”

“We already know what will happen: Billy will be in the gold zone and automatically classified with Amandine, Thomas will be saved by the public, it will be played between Anggun and Léa and the judges will hesitate for 30 years to fire Anggun. but it is “nothing to play”.

“Amandine with the worst grades who is saved without a problem? the good plan”
“Amandine will be able to thank Billy for saving her for next week.”

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