An amazing northern lights captured in Canada: the incredible images!

Scientist, photographer and aurora hunter Vincent Ledvina has captured on video an amazing Northern Lights, an atmospheric phenomenon also known as “polar light”. Check out the photos from this incredible event!

Alfredo Graca Weather Portugal 3 minutes

end of september, the fabulous aurora borealis weather event took place in canada and was captured at Churchill, Manitoba.

The author of the video, and Twitter user Vincent Ledvina, said: “Real-time video of one of the most colorful Northern Lights I’ve ever seen! It was last week in Churchill, Manitoba.”

But after all, how are the famous northern lights formed? They are due to the effect of fluorescent lights and shine in the sky over the North Pole. The Sun provides our planet with heat, light, and small particles, and it is Earth’s magnetic field that protects us from most of the energy and particles coming from the largest star in our planetary system.

A continuous stream of solar wind and solar storms generates a type of coronal mass ejection, that is, the Sun releases a huge bubble of electrified gas that can travel through space at high speed and crash into our planet.

When solar storms hit Earth, energy and small particles move along magnetic field lines, mainly in the area of ​​the north and south poles, and filter into the lower layers of the earth’s atmosphere.

The, The particles interact with different atmospheric gases. and, as a result, lights of different colors appear in the sky. It is gases like oxygen that cause colors to fluoresce green and red.

Nitrogen, on the other hand, Creates an intense blue and purple glow. When these gases are mixed, the colors are abundant and distinct: pink, yellow, orange and white are other colors that can appear.

As for the variant described and observed in the previous video, the substorm, also called a magnetospheric or subauroral substorm, is a brief disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere that causes the release of energy from the “tail” of the magnetosphere and its injection into the high-latitude ionosphere.

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