Arkunir manages to beat Elon Musk on Twitter (and unleash the crowd)

@Arkunir on Twitter Frenchman Arkunir manages to beat Elon Musk on his own platform

@Arkunir on Twitter

Frenchman Arkunir manages to beat Elon Musk on his own platform

SOCIAL NETWORKS – A master class. While Elon Musk has become the reviled king of Twitter for less than two weeks, a young Frenchman has managed to beat him in his own kingdom. Streamer Arkunir, 20 years old and 554,000 subscribers, has a sense of challenge: on Monday, November 7, he launched the challenge of ” relationship Twitter boss.

Relationship it is a kind of stealing the limelight from a tweet by commenting on another tweet. Specifically, it is about having more pleasures than the post you are commenting on. This is how Arkunir promised in one of Elon Musk’s messages, which is followed by 114 million subscribers.

While the billionaire seems to boast of the controversies he is generating within the social network, chaining the brutal changes for the set-up of the company, he proclaimed himself ” master of provocation in a tweet. This before quickly descending from his pedestal, volleyed by Arkunir.

What do you call someone who is a master of provocation? » Elon Musk wrote. “I don’t know, but call this ratio”replied the young man.

He tried, he won: in a few tens of minutes his comment got more.” pleasures like Elon Musk’s post. And finally, for some unknown reason, the latter deleted his tweet.

“We will have laughed a lot at least the boys »

Afraid of being banned from the social network for having inflicted this snub on the businessman, Arkunir does not lose his humor: “ If I ever jump, know that I love you and that we will have laughed a lot, at least the boys. “, he tweeted, happily savoring his victory with his half a million subscribers. ” you are a king “, enthuses one of them, “ you are the chosen one add another.

It is not the first time that this young Frenchman has been talked about. In July 2021, he challenged himself to go around the world on Google Maps Street View, from San Francisco to Vanino – in the far east of Russia – if Emmanuel Macron responded to his tweet. ” Bank “replied the president before being” relationship in the wake of Arkunir. True to his word, the latter had taken on the challenge in September, in 125 hours. The funds obtained during this operation had been donated to the association 30 million friends.

He had also managed to become for a while, in January 2022, the only Twitter user followed by the company’s official account.

In his account, he notably posts humorous messages, comments on football matches to amuse his community. Arkunir is also present on the live streaming platform Twitch, acclaimed by the community of video game fans.

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