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it doesHe is only 10 years old, but the young American Andrés Valencia is an accomplished painter. His works are sometimes sold for tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros. Here is his journey.

was nicknamed “the Prodigy”either “Little Picasso”. Andrés Valencia is a young American painter whose works have been sold in recent months at quite high prices. In June 2022, all the paintings he exhibited at the Chase Contemporary gallery in New York found buyers: 35 works in total, which were priced between 50,000 and 125,000 dollars (more or less the same amounts in euros). Another painting sold for €230,000 at a charity auction in Capri, Italy, in July. Until now, it is the story of a contemporary art painter who has had some success, as there are many in the world. Except Andres Valencia is only 10 years old!

From their parents’ dining room to the exhibitions

Andrés Valencia here in New York, USA, in June 2022. (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images/AFP)

The little boy started drawing at the age of 4. At the time, her parents watched her play with the paper for hours in the dining room of her home in San Diego, California. She practiced reproducing a work by contemporary American artist RETNA, a former client of her father’s attorney. “I brought him paper and he sat there trying to copy it, explains the father, Guadalupe Valencia, to the American newspaper The New York Times in an article published by the magazine international mail . It took two years. »

The passion quickly turns into a small business: the boy sells watercolors to members of his family for about twenty dollars. He sometimes visits the family of a man, a certain Bernie Chase, owner of the gallery of the same name in New York. And it is his intervention that will transform Andrés Valencia’s hobby into a lucrative artistic job.

One day, he offers the little painter to buy one of his works for $100. The boy makes an offer, he wants 5000. And Bernie Chase accepts! At first, this approach irritates Andrés’s mother, Elsa Valencia, a psychologist. But the gallery owner decides to buy several paintings made by the boy, to convince his parents to allow him “sharing his talent with the world”, as he himself says in The New York Times.

So, Bernie Chase uses his network: the man contacts a certain Nick Korniloff, director of Art Miami, an important contemporary art fair that takes place in the American city of the same name. Andrés Valencia is exhibited there in 2021. Rather wealthy personalities, endowed with a certain celebrity, buy his works. Among these buyers: Jordan Belfort, a former stockbroker, who inspired Martin Scorsese for his film. The wolf of Wall Street

“He paints after school or on weekends”

A work by Andrés Valencia, exhibited in June in New York (United States). (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images/AFP)

Throughout the sales, the boy acquired a growing reputation, such that his paintings now sell for tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros. Since then, his parents have hired experienced communicators to support their prodigal son’s career.

Experts interviewed by The New York Times they evoke a “speculative frenzy” around the young painter. And the specialized medium Artnet wonders why “obsession with youth” of the art world, in an article dedicated to Andrés Valencia.

The boy continues to paint. Sometimes influenced by current events. In particular, he made a work inspired by the famous painting Guernica by Picasso, but against the backdrop of the war in the Ukraine.

And on a day-to-day basis, what is life like for a 10-year-old whose paintings sell for hundreds of thousands of euros? “We want him to go to school like a normal child, explains his father to the British newspaper The times . He paints after school or on the weekends, but he also plays with his friends. For us, as parents, the most important thing is that he likes what he does. »

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