Bargains: the Spanish Primaprix arrives in France and promises great brands at bargain prices

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The Primaprix brand will soon be installed in France. Coming from Spain, it offers the main brands that are sold in supermarkets at reduced prices.

Nestlé cakes, Coca-Cola, Nivea cream, Colgate toothpaste or Ariel powder detergent at unbeatable prices. These are some of the star products that have made Primaprix successful in Spain. With a promise: prices 30% below the average market price.

Founded in 2014 in Spain with more than 150 stores today -Madrid, Castilla y León or the Basque Country mainly- Primaprix has decided to cross the Pyrenees. It will soon be installed in France, according to an indiscretion by retail specialist Olivier Dauvers. The first store will open before the end of this year.

“We like the brands, we like the prices”

The main departments of Primaprix: dry food, refrigerated drinks, beauty/hygiene, cosmetics or drugstore. How does it feed its rays? Inventory is purchased from major brands as a result of overstocking, labeling or language issues, or canceled orders. “We like the brands, we like the prices. Treat yourself, you deserve it”, explains the brand on its website. To find these good deals, says the Spanish site Global Consumer, Primaprix has a team of buyers who travel throughout Europe in search of bargains. The biggest discounts are shown on hygiene products.

This week in Spain, Primaprix offers, for example, the 375 ml Nivea moisturizing cream at €4.50, the Colgate herbal toothpaste at €1.25, the Dove pomegranate and lemon roll-on deodorant at €1.75 , the can of Redbull 250 ml at €1.15 or Finish dishwasher capsules all in 1 in 63 capsules at €8.50.

A competitive niche in France

Primaprix will establish itself in a market that has been popular in France for several years but has become very competitive. Discount stores Foire’Fouille, Gifi and Centrakor have been shaken by the arrival in France of Dutch Action, which also sells big brands. Established in France in 2012, it has more than 500 stores. In a fairly similar register, there is the Dutch Hema, the Danish Normal or the British B&M that bought the old Babou stores to develop them in France.

Primaprix has made a name for itself in Spain in less than ten years. Will he be able to duplicate his success in France? He has just hired a new commercial director to take on France.

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