Before Overwatch 2, how did Overwatch impact the world of video games?

game news Before Overwatch 2, how did Overwatch impact the world of video games?

Overwatch 2 has just landed on PC and consoles. The first play had been a real success, even a phenomenon a few years ago. Its success was such that many consider that this game changed the history of FPS. New elements that have brought a bit of freshness to the world of video games.

What stands out about Overwatch is its accessibility. Getting started is so easy that a newbie can quickly enjoy playing. There’s no equipment, there’s not a lot of spells, there’s just your character and what you do with it. Taking inspiration from multiplayer FPS like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch emphasizes different categories of characters. A player who is not at all familiar with FPS and everything related to shooting weapons can still choose the characters that suit him best. We can cite the Winston tank that does not require aim with his Canon Tesla weapon, Reinhardt with his melee weapon or Symmetra. Overwatch manages to bring together more experienced FPS players and laymen in one team without harming each other. It’s not just the characters that are easy to learn, there are also the different maps and their objectives. Far from being very complex, seizing points or escorting convoys to a delivery point is very clear and easy to understand. In other words, you don’t need a ton of technical knowledge or great aim to play Overwatch.

Play as a charismatic hero

In Overwatch, you don’t create your character from scratch like in other titles, but you embody one. With different styles, abilities and personalities, the player adopts a hero. Increasingly numerous over time, Blizzard has wanted to invent very charismatic and diverse ones so that players can easily enjoy them. Although cliche for some, characters come from many different countries to support player identification. You might think that creating an avatar improves immersion, but that’s not the case with Overwatch. The player easily bonds with these characters that look like they came straight out of a cartoon. These heroes show us the breadth of their personalities with every ability and line of dialogue in a universe where even robots like Bastion can have a bit of depth. We are drawn into his environment with no explanation other than the feeling of following a colorful hero who knows what he fights for.

Before Overwatch 2, how did Overwatch impact the world of video games?

A warm graphic style

Overwatch is a particularly colorful and radiant universe. Often compared to Pixar in its graphic style, it is a very easy game to look at. The simplicity of the setting makes any player immediately comfortable. This style choice makes the game even more accessible at first glance. With a universe close to ours, which takes place in a utopian future, the different cards are very elaborate. Overwatch makes us travel to many different countries and makes us explore its universe with hidden details in the decorations. His unique aesthetic is now the identity of the title, not to mention his extremely effective chara design.

Overwatch has conquered the hearts of gamers with its strong identity in both its characters and its environment. Its simple and effective gameplay has allowed a large number of players to take ownership of the genre without being a fan. Overwatch is a game that could have served as a very good introduction to FPS and even video games in general. A particularly catchy first work from which we will keep the precious memories of this radiant discovery for a long time.

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Before Overwatch 2, how did Overwatch impact the world of video games?

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