Before PSG – Benfica / Willingness to leave Kylian Mbappé: In the Parc, the shock wave Mbappé divides

the moment is horribleMatthieu doesn’t get it. A PSG supporter for over twenty years, he probably knows that a week leading up to PSG-OM is not a week like any other. Especially when a decisive Champions League match is coming up, this Tuesday. against Benfica (9:00 p.m.). So, inevitably, he was left a bit taken aback to learn of Kylian Mbappe’s desire to leave in January, as many media reported on Tuesday.

Champions League

“Mbappé never told me about leaving in January”: Campos’ denial


In the Park, however, the shock wave was not so visible on Tuesday. As if the Parisian fans had learned to live with the media hysteria around the club. As if they too were resigned to all this. “it is true that it is a lotCedric smiles. It seems he doesn’t really know what he wants. Right now, he’s not necessarily happy. But, in all teams, it happens like this. It’s just that at PSG, it’s necessarily more publicized.“.

Kylian Mbappé during the match between PSG and Juventus, September 6, 2022

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Clements regarding your demands

I do not know what to say anymore, blows anyway Benjamin, sixteen years old. It annoys all the followers a little. I could have said that at the end of the season, I could have waited given the week.“.”Too many stars kill the starsMatthew adds. And there, it is a pure and hard star whimKylian Mbappé is now part of this caste, even if that means reproducing certain excesses.

I have mixed feelings about his behavior, Matthew continues. On the one hand, if you were promised things, I can understand. If my boss makes promises to me and nothing happens, I’m disappointed too. But he must also take reality into account: we must not forget where he comes from, forget the salary he receives and the work he does. It affects your performance. If he wants to become the best player in history, it will be through the collective, not being individual“.

Mbappé doesn’t have to stick his head out and do all that, he’s not president of the clubadds Benjamin. But you also have to watch what you’re doing upstairs. We make promises, we don’t respect everything…” “He is fed up with the situation for him.abstract Lilian and Baptiste. It is a choice that can be understood given his level and his talent.“.

In the mouth of some, too, the desire not to take everything at face value. “I don’t trust what journalists can say.believes Guillaume, a supporter since 1986. We had Neymar who was supposed to go to Barça, we had Mbappé who was supposed to go to Real, there they want to bring Messi back to Barça…“.

In all, instead, a common belief: the Bondynois will be able to respond present, despite the context. “I know he will respond tonight, he will respond against MarseilleCedric predicts. He can talk as much as he wants off the field, I have no doubt that he is present in the big gamesThis question remains: can this October 11, 2022 change the perception of the Parc des Princes in the long term?

I’m not sure since the stadium’s reception for its star was disconcertingly normal on Tuesday. “It’s a constant emotional upheaval with him.“, Benjamin smiles. After having thought they lost it last summer, after having celebrated it with great pomp at the time of its extension, the fans are a bit lost”.Strictly speaking, if he had left last summer, after five years of doing the job, we would have thanked him, Matthieu believes. We all would have understood. But now… we don’t understand anymore“.

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Champions League

Despite the heavy context, Mbappé is a good starter against Benfica


Champions League

Since his extension, nothing has gone well for Mbappé at PSG


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