Bella Hadid revives the trend of “messenger bags” for winter 2022

We all had one in the 2000s. The “messenger bag” that we dragged across our thighs was very popular at the time. 20 years later, he is once again among the Actual trends. We find it in XXL version, it allows us to take everything with us.

The model Bella Hadid has been there again. The big one courier bag return for the winter of 2022, it has something to do. While we’ve seen “messenger bags” pass by on many Fashion Week catwalks, the star of the shows continues to wear them on her outings. She was notably seen in Milan or Paris in her current favorite version signed by Chanel.

The “messenger bag” very representative of this time of excesses

We realize today, 20 years ago, that we were too excessive. While the 2020s are a time when we need to be careful and even hold back, the 2000s They trusted in abundance. The shoulder bag represents very well this decade in which she was on everyone’s shoulders. It is usually disproportionately largeto the point that we can slip our essentials and all our excesses!

There are good reasons for the “messenger bag” to be big. As its name indicates, this model comes from the genre of cloth bags used and still used by some couriers or postmen. For them, yes, we understand the usefulness of such a large size. While the utility of the XXL version doesn’t seem obvious today, we love the fact that we can use it to to pack lightthe time of a weekend for example.

The shoulder strap gives a casual look.

When you look at photos from the 2000s, everyone looked super chill with their “messenger bag” slung over their shoulder. It must be said that the hanging organizer quickly gives a fresh and indifferent look. The beautiful Bella Hadid wears it like this, and with her “street style”, she does very well. The bag that she has been seen with the most is the Chanel graffiti satchel from the spring 2015 collection.

On the catwalks of this year’s Fashion Week we began to see that the shoulder bag is back among the trends. During parades, he was more sophisticated than its predecessor, although that does not mean that a more vintage or even kitsch version cannot be adopted. We take a special look at the large quilted leather bag from the Coach brand. We also saw the one by Max Mara, in suede, smooth, with leather straps.

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The “messenger bag” goes well with the back-to-school vibe

In this period of Back to school Y go back to the office, the large shoulder bag has its place. It allows you to carry a laptop, notebooks and all kinds of things you may need for work. We prefer it to the mini bag for that. With this trend, the days of straining your bag to fit everything you want are over! As it is carried on the shoulder, from the side, it is also super practical to go to the office on foot, but also by bicycle.

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