big shock with his son!

On the soccer field, he went straight to the point. Well, it’s the same in life. Hearing his son and his wife Nicola Peltz gossip about them in the press, that’s enough! A long time ago this fight, which initially only involved Victoria and her daughter-in-law, David Beckham had a very forceful explanation with Brooklyn. “He argued with him and said: “We don’t do that in our family,” a source close to the couple told AFP. Daily mail. David continued his warning with these words: “What happens next is up to you, but we’re done with the drama.”

At the heart of the conflict between parents and children, Brooklyn and Nicola’s recent interview on Grace USA, in which they returned to the thorny subject of the wedding dress. Because yes, it all started with a piece of cloth, as Nicola wore a Valentino dress for her wedding, and not a Victoria Beckham. According to the young woman, only a few weeks before her wedding they would have warned her that her mother-in-law would not be able to do it for her, thus insinuating that the latter had deliberately planted it… Especially since she would not have done it. she answered the many calls from her!

“None of that with us!”

Words that have ulcerated the fashion designer who, since then, no longer speaks to her daughter-in-law. That cold was also still palpable on this weekend of Paris fashion week, since after her mother-in-law’s parade, during the cocktail, the American turned her back on Victoria. Despite the muscular reframing of her eldest son by David, the contact between the two continues to seem complicated. Surprisingly enough, however, it was from Victoria that the first signs of appeasement came. In an Instagram post, posted after her Paris show, she raged. “I love you very much”, he wrote in the caption of a photo showing his son and his girlfriend. A message immediately shared by the latter in an impetus whose spontaneity is not evident. Whatever. A slap from dad, a kiss from mom, at the Beckhams we have the art of blowing hot and cold to maintain the family unit at all costs. Until the next crash…

©Bestimage – Gossips say that Nicola is too Peltz…

Tom Cruise wanted to enroll him in Scientology!

In a new book written by a former leader of the famous sect of the stars, we learn that the actor of top gun approached David Beckham and his wife several times to offer membership in the Church, with strong arguments. A new soccer field had been built in California, at Scientology headquarters, just to please the player! What is called rolling out the green carpet… for someone who will never set foot there.

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