Blizzard publicly apologizes for the chaotic launch of Overwatch 2

Two days after its official release, the game’s servers are still struggling with incessant attacks and overcrowding.

The disaster that is the liberation ofsurveillance 2 endless, pressuring Blizzard to formally apologize to players. The sequel to the FPS opened to the public on October 4 at 21:00 (French time) not without an astronomical amount of problems. While players were invited to wait in a queue system that is very banal for an online game, the experience quickly turned into a nightmare. After multiple DDoS attacks, the fully overloaded servers could no longer keep up.

Then some players got disconnected before even getting to the main menu. On top of that, the lucky few who managed to get a few games out didn’t stop worrying. Even after launch, the threat of disconnection still loomed, but the overall experience was also affected by many bugs, especially on the side of account mergers. Missing cosmetics and game time, locked characters even for veterans of the game – in other words, the launch wasn’t easy. Although these types of issues are common in online game releases, fans complain about slow patches..

Credits: blizzard

Blizzard the tail between the legs

The studio was selling the release of this sequel as a can’t-miss event, but it eventually turned sour. In the face of hordes of angry fans, Blizzard was forced to publicly apologize in an official blog post.

First, we would like to apologize to our players. We expected the release of Overwatch to go smoothly. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and work hard to resolve the issues you face.

The teams are aware of each of the main problems that the players have suffered in the last two days. Full details of the progress made have been published in this same post for transparency purposes. One of the most controversial systems has also been abandoned outright, at least for early name Overwatch players. Veterans are no longer required to enter a unique phone number to access the game.

Server stability also continues to improve over time to enhance the experience and meet everyone’s expectations. It is sad to note that such concerns come to spoil the experience that promised to be very good. When the game is accessible, the new features on offer are a nice breath of fresh air, including Supervision I really needed to start over.

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