Bruno Genesio asks Désiré Doué for more after his goal: “He will have to improve his choices, very quickly”

Talent demands demand. On Thursday night, Désiré Doué scored a goal that will likely bring him down under the praise. However, Bruno Genesio, his coach at Rennes, was not enthusiastic about him. “He will have to improve his choices, very quickly, because it is not the first time“, he declared, about the tendency to individualism of “his” young 17-year-old player, who intercepted a ball in the 89th minute, before turning to give Stade Rennais the victory against Dynamo kyiv (2-1). which places the Breton Club 2nd in its group in the Europa League.

However, the former Lyon coach retains positive points, in the confidence already shown by Doué: “He has character and a lot of self-confidence, which allowed him to go get that ball to score that goalAbove all, he couples his constructive criticism with laudatory comments: “He is a very young player, but doing what he has been doing for a while, at his age, he shows a very high potential.Potential already illustrated in Ligue 1, which earned him the first “2005” to have found the net, among the five “big European championships”.

League 1

First “Europe” scorer born in 2005: Doué, the aptly named will-o’-the-wisp of Rennes

08/31/2022 at 21:51

The famous weak time management

Genesio emphasizes that the triumphant youth of Rennes does not stop at one name, certainly a good one. “What is still very gratifying for us is that we managed to win by finishing with 6 players born between 2002 and 2005.“, he also congratulates himself. Beyond the prism of youth, the work is collective, the 56-year-old technician insists:”I really liked the face of my team, carried out with a lot of participation from everyone (…) We started well and in the second half we hardly had chances.”

Even the “on target” aspect of this positive result at home suits him: “This shows a good state of mind, a quality of play that wears down the opponent. Even if it was acquired at the end of the match, it is deserved.“He identifies only one disadvantage, in the performance of his band.”I only regret, once again, that during our weak time, we conceded a goal (at minute 33, editor’s note), plague Bruno Genesio. All the teams have it but we, every time, pay for it. This is the only slightly negative point..” There has to be one, to keep progressing. Isn’t it Desire Doue?

Desire Doue with Stade Rennais

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European League

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European League

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