Catalonia: moderate separatists now alone at the forefront of the region

Consulted for two days, the nearly 6,500 militants of the center-right independence party Junts have had the last word in the internal war that is ravaging the regional government. The moderate Aragonese president is now alone at the head of the Generalitat, with the elected members of his political family, ERC.

An adviser to the Junts party had bought a box to store his things, just in case. He wisely cautioned that he accompanies Carles Puigdemont’s party in opposition.

Carles Puigdemont’s party goes to the opposition

The tensions between the two separatist parties Junts and ERC, the result of two opposing strategic visions: confrontational separatism for the friends of former president Puigdemont and dialogic separatism for those of Aragonés, made shared governance increasingly difficult. Until Pere Aragonés clearly asks his allies to choose between staying in government or going into opposition. An issue that the leaders of Junts cleverly preferred to return to their militant base.

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Moderate solos in charge

“Do you want Junts to continue being part of the current government of Catalonia?” Simple question, simple answer: no. 55.73% of the partners consulted (for 79% participation) refused to give the ERC-Junts couple a second chance. Moderate followers of the dialogue and supporters of the confrontation with Madrid, a couple that was definitely ill-matched that publicly tore each other apart. Again for the Diada at the beginning of September and of course last week with an uncomfortable (?) question of trust followed by the dismissal of Jordi Puignero, vice president of Junts.
The divorce pleased Quim Torra, the “Junts” predecessor of Pere Aragonés. “Congratulations!”, he happily launched the activists from his Twitter account, as soon as the result was known. As for Carles Puigdemont, he still did not react to the news at the end of the day, he who this week declared himself in favor of the union.

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Towards a high-speed review

Pere Aragonés and his party were already working on the possibility of a reorganization earlier this week. Excluding the call for early elections, the president must quickly redistribute six portfolios (Justice, Economy, Health, Foreign Action, Research and Universities, Social Rights), whoever wants to close the episode “as fast as possible”, Councilwoman Laura Vilagra confirmed it yesterday. This Friday afternoon she has held a meeting for this purpose, with her escort, at the Palacio de la Generalitat, in Barcelona.
His new government must also toughen up. The Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia spoke yesterday of the suppression of three portfolios and mergers, specifically between Justice and the Interior or Equality and Social Rights. In this case, none or few new additions to the Generalitat.

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