Champions League – Maccabi Haifa – Juventus Turin: Adrien Rabiot, a future in suspense

At that moment, everyone crossed their fingers, at Juve, in the hope that the deal materializes. After reaching an agreement with Manchester United for the transfer of Adrien Rabiot in the last days of the summer transfer market, the Piedmontese leaders, eager to collect these twenty million euros, only had to wait for the player’s environment to do the same with the Red Devils. omitted. According to the transalpine press, Véronique, mother and agent of the French international, would have then demanded a three-year contract as well as a net salary of 10 million euros/year. All this without counting any commission.

Manchester United say player’s mother’s demands are obscene“explained journalist Gianluca Di Marzio. Even if it meant seeing him leave for United’s construction site, the player’s clan expected to collect the maximum. It must be said that it was a win-win situation. Either Rabiot left and raised An already good high salary (7 million), or he stayed in Turin at the end of the contract and therefore in a position of strength. Given the refusal of the English to modify their initial proposal, the second option was chosen.

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Inevitably disappointed by this epilogue, Juve couldn’t hold out against the former PSG player. Massimiliano Allegri, his coach, either. It must be said that the Tuscan coach has always valued his profile, although he considers that his potential is not yet fully exploited. “It is useless to talk about it. You must do much more. It is simple“, released for example in November 2021. Two months earlier, in September, he spoke fully of a player who “must score 10 or 12 goals per season“. Before adding: “With so much strength, so much technique and such races, it is not possible that he does not score more“. Between the two, a kind of father-son relationship has been established. Like with Paul Pogba.”He is a great coach who knows how to manage the group on and off the pitch.“, He confirmed at a press conference on Monday.

The two like and respect each other a lot.says a Continassa regular. Allegri often uses carrot and stick with him, but always with the aim of making him progress. He always makes him play when he’s not injured. Despite public protests, he is one of his protégés.And Rabiot also returns it. In a season that is (already) turning sour, and while the hashtag ‘#AllegriOUT’ continues to be a trend among tifosi, the French international is one of those who fights the most for his coach With his two goals against Maccabi Haifa (3 -1) last week, he allowed his coach to breathe a game, and his team to stay alive in their group During the defeat against AC Milan (2-0) on Saturday, he had the merit of not sinking.

10 million a year for 4 years: the demands of the Rabiot clan at Manchester United

He played the role of savior opening the scoring and then scoring the goal of tranquilitywrote the specialized site The Frenchman remains just as useful in both phases, offensive and defensive. His runs are a mix of physical strength and impressive acceleration..” Asked after the meeting, the native of Saint-Maurice (Val-de-Marne) took the opportunity to settle his accounts a little with the transalpine press.

Yes, I can actually score as well. But here you only see that, the goalshe lamented. You know it’s not just that, right? A game lasts 90 minutes, you can score but if you miss all your passes, it’s useless. I am mostly happy with my performance rather than those two goals. The “Mister” trusts me and I’m happyEnough to shuffle the cards about your future? In two and a half months, and probably after his participation in the World Cup in Qatar with the Blues, Rabiot will be free to negotiate with the club he wants by June 30, the date his contract expires.

An extension is “possible”

After doing everything possible to part with him and his hefty salary last summer, Juve could review their plans for their number 25, which arrived in July 2019.”now she thinks about it extend,” confirmed Tuttosport on October 7. The sports newspaper, close to the Old Lady’s businesses, evoked a scenario “who can change“.”Although his clan will probably wait for the offers that will fall this winter, the leaders of Juve will surely take the opportunity to knock on ‘Maman Véronique”s door to understand if there is room for maneuver in the face of a possible agreement”, could be read in the media edition. Therefore, the first step must be taken by the club, which however would seek to lower a salary considered as “disproportionate“.
“He has paid like a star when he is only a good player“, estimates an intermediary accustomed to arguing with the bianconeri. In addition, the will of the Agnelli family is now to improve a financial balance that showed losses of up to 254 million euros during the 2021-2022 financial year. Finally, if the The trend of the season is not reversed, Massimiliano Allegri could be fired at the end of the season, which could change a lot of things in this case.

Adrian Rabiot

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For his part, Adrien Rabiot, who also wanted a change of scenery during the last transfer window, could he review his positions? Behind the scenes, we assure you that nothing will be decided imminently, especially not before the World Cup. The 27-year-old midfielder wants to stay focused on his upcoming deadlines on the pitch, at club and national level. Especially since a big adventure in Qatar could allow him to increase his price on the market. “Prolong ? honestly i don’t knowsecured on Tuesday. Right now, there are other things to think about. I am focused on the pitch, to help the team get out of this difficult moment and we will see what happens..”

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