Christophe Galtier responds to the controversy over the positioning of Kylian Mbappé

What’s next after this announcement?

Before the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Benfica Lisbon on Tuesday, in the account for matchday 4 of the Champions League, Christophe Galtier spoke at the traditional pre-match press conference. The opportunity for the Parisian coach to return to the Kylian Mbappé case and the new controversy that shakes PSG over the positioning of the tricolor striker. With the hashtag “#pivotgang”, the Frenchman revived the questions about his location within the capital club. Therefore, the journalists’ questions quickly turned to the 23-year-old’s state of mind and his possible frustration at the end of the match against Reims.

“(laughs) Yes, of course, there is Kylian’s reaction after the game, in a moment of disappointment after part of our game and the result, in a very choppy and very committed game” Christophe Galtier first commented before continuing: “We talked a lot with Kylian at the start of the season and he had been very attentive to his statements after the France team where he feels more comfortable in the animation proposal and the way in which the offensive sector is made up. I don’t know what Kylian was told before my arrival, or when he was in extra time with PSG, but the truth is that throughout the preparation, and even long before, we discussed with the president and Luis Campos about the vision of the offensive sector. , have another attacker with another profile to take down two attackers regardless of the system so that Kylian can evolve in his preferential zone. »

Kylian Mbappé was not 100% against Reims

Later, the PSG coach tried to explain the reasons for the reaction of the Habs after the last match of the Parisian club. “To tell the truth, he wasn’t supposed to play in Reims, Kylian was sick, but there was Messi’s absence and Neymar was insecure because of muscle issues and because of the sequence of matches. If there had been the possibility of having Neymar and Messi, surely Kylian would not have played. He played sick, tired and more in a game that quickly didn’t go very well for us, so there was his reaction. Christophe Galtier replied to defend his attacker. The 56-year-old manager then returned to the Parisian club’s signing during the summer transfer window.

And more precisely in the fact that an additional attacker should have joined the capital. “This player hasn’t arrived but we have other players who are totally different and who are very good, world-class players. There is a real relationship between Kylian and Neymar but also between Kylian and Messi, who give him very good balls. He wanted to temper the Parisian coach. He then dwelled on the exchanges he had with the Habs: “However, Kylian sometimes finds himself in the center with the feeling of being a pivot. He is a very smart player who is able to adapt his movements according to the offensive animation. »

At the end of this press conference, Christophe Galtier repeated on many occasions that he maintains regular exchanges with the Parisian number 7. “I spoke at length with him yesterday about being able to talk, discuss and about his expectations. It’s a discussion we often have with Kylian, I try to reassure him by finding different options that haven’t been implemented yet for different reasons, but obviously, I talk to Kylian a lot. He also talks a lot with the staff. We are very sensitive to his comments and thoughts because he is a very important player in the team. concluded the PSG coach. As a reminder, the Parisians have a chance to take the lead in Group H on their own if they win against the Portuguese on Tuesday.

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