Christophe Gans talks about several Silent Hill games that would be in development – News

We knew that Christophe Gans was a huge fan of video games. This summer he had already talked about his relationship with the media in numerous interviews, including to talk about the famous final fight between Samuel Le Bihan and Vincent Cassel loosely inspired by SoulCalibur. And what we imagined is confirmed: the French director is going to make a new movie in the world of Silent Hill. In an interview with MaG-Movieand Game, available on YouTube, he talks extensively about his experience with the Silent Hill movie, but also about his work with Konami.

“I’m working with Konami and Silent Team simply because they’re kind of co-producers on the movie. They have the right to look, it’s normal, in the adaptation work I’m doing for a new Silent Hill movie. In a way, it also helps them see how Silent Hill can evolve. You know my total devotion to Silent Hill. For example, the last time we spoke via videoconference, they asked me why I had thought about the aesthetics of monsters in such and such a way. Each time he had an answer because monsters are products of the psyche, metaphorical and symbolic creatures, so they were interested in how he had come to certain appearances in creatures. It’s interesting because there are two creative teams working in the same universe completely independently but at the same time exchanging information. The respect that I have for them and that they have for me was forged by the fact that they really liked the first silent film, which was a success. We know each other, we like each other, everything is going well.”

We learn that he’s working on a second Silent Hill movie, and that he’s in touch with the Konami teams that are developing future games in the franchise, by the way. Because yes, these games exist, according to him.

“It’s at Konami, there are multiple games, there are multiple teams. In fact, there is a whole line of games that are going to reinvigorate the franchise, I think they are very impressed with the success of Resident Evil 2 and 3 (remakes), which are really amazing. They thought it was a good time to come back and it coincided with the time my producer and I wanted to go back to Silent Hill. The two teams, without consulting each other, said it was time to go back.

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