Clémentine Sarlat left: broken by the separation from her husband Clément Marienval, she makes difficult confidences

Clémentine Sarlat announced very good news in the story of her Instagram account, on Monday, November 7, 2022. With a heavy heart, the mother of the family revealed that she was single. Her husband, Clément Marienval, made the decision to leave her.

Clémentine Sarlat has a heavy heart and has decided to indulge herself as she rarely does. in the story of your Instagram account. On Monday, November 7, 2022, the journalist, who made the decision to leave France Télévisions, revealed that her husband, Clément Marienval, had left her. Today, at 34, she is a single mother. For the past few weeks, she has been raising her three children on her own. “It is not my choice and it is still very difficult.. Little by little I am learning to live with my new ‘normality’ and that of my children (…) Separation is similar to grief.. So, there are stages, ups, downs (no more downs at the moment, we’re not going to lie). I don’t know what else to say other than it’s hard. And that my absence was vital. I love what I do with La Matrescence, but sometimes, let’s face it, it hurts to talk about it with kids.“, so clear.

Clémentine Sarlat then wanted to send a message to all women who can go through trials as difficult as the one she is going through. “Just know that you are Warriors and that I think a lot about all the single mothers who get along a lot in this life. Thanks for reading me“, he wrote again. The journalist and Clément Marienval, a former rugby player, had been spinning perfect love since 2014. They said “yes” to life on September 25, 2021.

Clémentine Sarlat and Clément Marienval had three children together

Together they gave birth to three children: Ella, born in September 2017, Jasmine, born in 2020 and June, whose birth occurred on February 20, 2022. Clémentine Sarlat has been talking about her a lot lately. After four years at France Télévisions, she had taken the decision to leave the door of the group after having denounced acts of moral harassment and sexist comments by some of his colleagueswithout citing anyone.

To continue with his work that he loves so much, he relied on the columns of L’Equipe in May 2022, to talk about his new project: the creation of podcasts. She launched La Matrescence, a parenting podcast that he hosts every Friday. “I knew that the word Matrescence, contraction of maternity and adolescence to explain the birth of a mother, was not known in France when it was important“, he told our companions. And to assure about his new life: “I live better with my podcast than on France TélévisionsThis way you can concentrate on your new project so you can smile again and move on without the help of your husband. A new challenge for the journalist.

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