Closed agreement – “But why?”, “It’s nonsense, let it be said”, “Two experts for 35 euros”: Internet users disappointed by a strange sequence of double experience

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This Thursday, October 6, 2022 in Case concluded on France 2, an object brought by a seller was valued exceptionally by two auctioneers, instead of just one usually. Something to raise questions and let viewers imagine that it was a prestige object. But their disappointment was great, as they expressed on Twitter…

Two experts instead of one, this is the small bonus that a certain Michelle benefited from this Thursday, October 6, 2022 in Deal Done on France 2. This saleswoman who loves above all to take care of her grandchildren and paint, brought to the set a more refined tea service, also known as “a face to face”. To welcome her to the appraisal room, Sophie Davant was joined by the two auctioneers appreciated by viewers Harold Hessel and Enora Alix. Was this exception explained by the fact that this service had some peculiarity? Harold and Enora’s explanations quickly answered this question.

After pointing out the impeccable state of the teapot and the gilding of all the elements, Harold Hessel wanted to specify that the service was made in genuine Limoges porcelain. A very good point for the seller, despite the lack of indication on the precise manufacture. However, the expert also wanted to quickly anticipate that the set was not very old, from the 70s at the most. “I think at the time it was quite expensive and sometimes we didn’t dare to use it for fear of breaking it. We should have done it, even if it means wearing down the gilding and even if there may be little accidents…” lamented Enora, who obviously would have liked to see the marks of time.

And the disadvantages of the expert, known for giving small estimates, did not stop there. According to her, despite its great delicacy and quality, this tea service is no longer very fashionable. “Aujourd’hui, les goûts ont un peu changé et on prend moins le temps pour un tête à tête comme ça. Du coup, on a moins l’utilité de service à thé ou café et ce n’est pas ce qui se vend the best…”. A verdict widely shared by Harold Hessel who also said that it was not easy for this type of object to find a buyer… Together, the auctioneers then decided on a budget of 35 euros.

Two experts for a dining room

On Twitter, amazement was at its height: But why bring in two experts for such an anecdotal tea service, when even more remarkable objects are estimated by a single person? Thus, in the same episode, a gasoline pump from the early 20th century, or an old mailbox did not receive a double expertise. The lack of logic of the production on this subject has left the tweets skeptical… Above all because a few weeks ago they complained about the arrival of “couples of sellers”, an equally useless novelty in their eyes.

On the side of the seller Michelle, all hopes were still high when she entered the auction room, where the prices offered are sometimes well above estimates. Not in vain, because the buyer Anne-Catherine Verwaelde fell in love with the “tete à tête”, which she considered “beautiful” and “very refined”. Her proposal was accepted by the seller, who finally walked away with the sum of 100 euros. Enough to allow him, as she wished, to spoil her grandchildren…

Video. Discover the portrait of Sophie Davant

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