Complementary pensions: they will increase by 5.12% on November 1

The vast majority of retirees are affiliated with the Agirc Arrco scheme. (©didier salou / adobestock)

A welcome boost for more than 13 million retirees. This Thursday, October 6, 2022, Agirc Arrco, the entity that manages complementary pensions, has just reveal a revaluation of 5.12% of pensions from November 1during its board of directors. This rise comes a few weeks after the 4% rise in the general regime.

“The scheme thus contributes to preserving the purchasing power of private pensioners in an economic context marked by inflation higher than the evolution of wages,” writes Agirc Arcco in a press release.

A cost of 4,500 million euros

The new value of the point is set at 1.3498 euros and will be used to calculate pensions from the November 2022 deadline, paid on Wednesday, November 2.

This increase amounts to more than 4,500 million euros. “It is possible thanks to the solid financial situation of the Agirc-Arrco scheme, whose action is based on a greater principle: to guarantee the payment of pensions to each generation, without weighing on future generations. »

The CFDT greeted “very good news” to support the purchasing power of retirees: “According to its operating rules, the regime should have increased pensions at the same rate as wages, that is, 4.8%. The CFDT also welcomes the agreement of the trade union and business organizations that have made it possible. »

A rise close to inflation

Specifically, supplementary pensions are managed by unions and employers and concern private sector workers, who must contribute to the Agirc Arrco scheme.

These contributions allow you to benefit from a supplementary pension to the basic Social Security pension, which is paid by the National Old Age Insurance Fund. For the state then.

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In total, 13.2 million retirees benefit from a pension from Agirc Arrco, for a benefit amount of 84,000 million euros paid in 2021. 25 million people contribute to this organization.

Despite the galloping inflation of recent months, these pensions have not been revalued since November 2021. As of that date, they had only increased by 1%. Therefore, the current increase is closer to that of prices, which is 5.6% in September, according to INSEE.

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