Crush Decathlon for its ultra-warm parka even if it’s -20 degrees!  – Tuxboard

Crush Decathlon for its ultra-warm parka even if it’s -20 degrees! – Tuxboard

Do you dream of a new warm parka for winter? It’s now possible in your Decathlon store and for less than 130 euros!

Decathlon is once again unanimous thanks to a new collection. Inside, the brand has just offered a new parka ideal for very cold days.

Decathlon, the king of bargains

Climbing equipment, riding clothes, running shoes, diving accessories, etc. Decathlon is best known for its sporting goods. Yes, but for a few months, the brand has been diversifying and offering us clothing also suitable for everyday life.

And as winter makes itself felt more and more with days getting shorter and cooler, it’s time to take out some warm clothes.

Say goodbye to little summer dresses, light sweaters or heeled sandals! Now it is necessary to wear knitwear that keeps you warm, closed shoes, but also coats that protect you from the wind.

To the delight of Internet users, Decathlon has thought of everything. Precisely, in his new catalog that is gradually filling up, the king of sportswear has just unveiled a bargain-packed collection.

Coats, jackets, jackets, parkas… There is something for everyone! But in writing we have above all had a big crush for a particular parka!

Ultra warm and perfect for winter, it is already unanimous on social networks. It must be said that the brand has set the bar very high by imagining this model! A special coat will protect from the most intense cold of this winter.

This parka will thus become your best friend and will allow youcope with low temperatures !

Waterproof Trekking and Mountain Parka SH500 U-Warm Quechua

This new parka from French brand Quechua has it all. In particular, it is equipped with a hood with anti-blizzard fur and a stand collar to give you maximum protection.

It also has special adjustments at the cuffs and hem to limit air intake as much as possible.

You can wear it every day, but also for a stay in winter sports. In fact, Decathlon specifies ” The wide snowy spaces are yours ! This ultra-warm and protective parka is the ideal jacket for hiking in cold, snowy conditions and winds down to -20°C. »

The French firm also adds: “ Does the far north tempt you? This waterproof parka gives you a optimal protection against icy cold and the snow ! »

East waterproof it also has specially designed zippers to be easily used with gloves. It also has 2 release zippers at the bottom of the jacket for bending over or sitting down.

But that is not all ! This Quechua SH500 U-Warm model also has “ a double wadding on the body and a 200 g/m2 layer on the arms for better insulation from the cold. Its outer membrane is waterproof and has sealed seams. »

To keep your hands warm, there are also 2 handwarmer pockets, 2 top pockets and even inside pockets. Not to mention its straight cut that will combine with all your outfits.

It is clear that Decathlon has thought of everything. Now you understand better why this Quechua coat It is fashionable in all stores Of the brand !

Available in khaki, blue, black or camel, each color is sold for €125.00. So a very good deal, when you know the quality of the parts that Decathlon sells.

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