dance, lethal weapon of parents

DHoping to encourage their children to obey them, we often hear parents threaten to confiscate their smartphone, their Switch, or whatever device it connects to. However, they have a much more effective weapon that they don’t think of using: threatening to dance, preferably in public. A friend even gets her daughter to do her homework, promising that if she doesn’t finish it, she’ll come meet her when she gets out of school, helmet on her head and clinking on the sidewalk. Whether they’re tweens, teens, or young adults, kids hate watching their moms and dads dance. Only exceptions, the round up to CP and the waltz on the wedding day of their offspring, and again. It is well known that the bodies of parents must, like nine-key telephones, remain hidden. It even seems that the word “shame” was invented by a child who had to attend this show.

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How do we recognize them?

They can’t stop dancing at the supermarket or when listening to their favorite music. They squirm in their seat at the shoe store while their son tries on sneakers. At a time when birthday parties are becoming a boom, they think that starting to sway will encourage the young guests to do the same and are surprised that they just laugh. They thought they could bridge the age gap by moving their bodies and found that dancing reveals generation gaps. They move the same way in all music. They like to see how we dance at weddings in October 2022. Their offspring stand on the other side of the floor with their backs to them.

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how do they speak

The children: “Stop, please stop…” “Everyone is looking at you…” “If you continue, I’m out of here.” » ” You are pathetic. I am ashamed. » “They got stuck in 2003.” “It ends me. » “I don’t have the words. » “If my daron dances at a wedding, I kidnap him. » “I have seen it all. » “My father, who lights up the dance floor at Lady Gaga, was not ready. » “Mine are worse. » “You were supposed to pick me up, you didn’t have to dance.” » “I can’t wait until I’m 40 to dance like a daron and hide the fact that I have no skills. »

Parents : “I took my daughter to a rock concert, when I started dancing I felt like the show was more about her mother than it was about the stage and I started to slow down. » “Why, when it’s the Finnish prime minister dancing, is it okay with them and not when it’s us? » “I censored myself at my son’s wedding when I wanted to make a paquito. » “My daughters imitate me as if they were tribal dances. » “The only thing I have the right to dance with them is the caterpillar and again, at the end of the evening, when everyone is drunk. “You have to hang on long enough, there’s a point where you’ll be old enough to soften them up.” »

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