Dancing with the stars: Carla Lazzari falls heavily to the ground during her performance

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The fifth installment of “Dancing with the Stars” pitted all four judges against each other with two contestants on their team. Which judge won the competition and which personality was eliminated?

For this new episode of “Dancing with the Stars,” the four jury members were each joined by two candidates and their dance partner for “the battle of the judges.” The opportunity for each judge to dance twice a night and be judged by the other three judges of the show.

The personalities were distributed as follows:

  • team chris marks : Florent Peyre/Inès Vandamme, Thomas Da Costa/Elsa Bois
  • Francois Alu Team : Anggun/Adrien Caby, Stephane Legar/Candice Pascal
  • Team Marie-Agnes Gillot : Billy Crawford/Fauve Hautot, Amandine Petit/Anthony Colette
  • Team Bilal Hassani : Lea Elui/Christophe Licata, Carla Lazzari/Pierre Mauduy

Third to compete, Carla Lazzari, revealed for the song “Bim Bam Toi” in 2019, was judged on a contemporary waltz with her dance partner Pierre Mauduy and Bilal Hassani to the tune of “Voilà” by Barbara Pravi. A controlled choreography, with beautiful lifts and a standing audience at the end, which unfortunately ended abruptly on the ground for Carla Lazzari. At the end of the dance, she tripped over her dress and fell. The 17-year-old singer assured presenter Camille Combal that she was not injured. Several netizens believed that the fall was part of the choreography.

I HAVE IT !!!! #Carla #DALS12 #DALS pic.twitter.com/Y1kObuV17C

—Donovan (@donoh_) October 7, 2022

in the end did he throw it to the ground or did it fall? Print !
How Carla spreads! I feel bad for her!#dals #dals2022 #dals12 pic.twitter.com/CZCmM8Adsy

—Pierre REMY (@pierre80remy) October 7, 2022

Me when I hear them talk about Carla’s fall when I thought it was part of her performance #DALS #DALS12 pic.twitter.com/Ruq0wfHujJ

“Damned?” (@danya_khaleesi) October 7, 2022


—ℒ? (@kazuzuthetiger) October 7, 2022

carla’s fall at the end #DALS12 pic.twitter.com/F08SjBfy93

– THE TEVIV (@lou_vvt) October 7, 2022

At the time of the notes, Carla Lazzari scored a 6/10 from judge François Alu and a 7/10 from Chris Marques and Marie-Agnès Gillot. A harsh judgment felt by many Internet users.

At the end of the performances, Filipino-American singer Billy Crawford and his partner Fauve Hautot earned the highest score from the judges for their waltz, despite an injury to Billy Thursday in training. Bilal Hassani, one of the judges, praised “one of the best performances in the history of this show”. On the contrary, with a score of 16 points, Amandine Petit obtained the worst mark of the evening.

Bilal Hassani’s team in the lead

At the time of accounts, Bilal Hassani’s team had the best marks allowing Léa Elui and Carla Lazzari to qualify directly for next week.

Consequence: Anggun, Florent Peyre, Amandine Petit, Stéphane Legar, Billy Crawford and Thomas Da Costa were sent to the heads-up stage. The public decided to save singer Billy Crawford and actor Thomas Da Costa.

Ultimately, it was former Miss France Amandine Petit who was eliminated from the competition.

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