Diesel: an energy check of 100 to 200 euros from November 8, here’s who cares

The exceptional energy check for home heating with diesel will be sent from November 8, 2022. (©The Norman Awakening)

The government said it was thinking about it. This Saturday, October 8, 2022, he detailed the payment conditions of a exceptional energy control for some homes heating with gasoilin the current context of energy crisis.

Thus, according to a Bercy press release, an energy check of 100 to 200 euros will be sent “in the coming weeks to half of the homes that heat with fuel oil, that is, approximately 1.6 million households “.

This exceptional energy check will be paid from November 8, 2022.

Who will benefit?

The amount of this fuel energy check “will depend on household income (2020 income is taken into account for the calculation) and the number of people in the household,” Bercy details, citing as an example:

  • 200 euros for a single person with minimum wage with at least one child
  • 100 euros for a single person with minimum wage without children
  • 100 euros for a single woman with 2 children who earns around 3,000 euros net/month

To find out if you’re worried, the government plans to put it online soon a simulator “so households can verify their eligibility.”

This simulator will be accessible at the following address: https://chequeenergie.gouv.fr.

How will we receive this check?

To “facilitate the payment of these aids, the payment circuits of the energy check will be used”, the Government also specifies. Also :

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  • This check will be sent automatically at the end of November to households that have already used an energy check to pay a fuel bill in the past;
  • other eligible households will be able to apply at a dedicated online counter that will be open from November 8. You just have to present a fuel bill to receive the aid the following month.

Bercy specifies, however, that this fuel aid “is not applicable to fuel bills already paid.”

Can be combined with regular energy control

“However, interested households should not wait for this energy check to be sent to fill their fuel tank,” warns Bercy. Because it is a peculiarity of this fuel check intended for 1.6 million households: eligible households that have already filled the fuel tank at the time of receipt of the check will not lose the aid benefit.

They will then be able to use this check “to pay, for example, your electricity bill or your next fuel bill, until March 2024,” says Bercy. In addition, in this specific case, this fuel aid could be used “to pay for all types of energy bills (gas, electricity, fuel oil, wood pellets, etc.).

It is also possible to request fuel oil suppliers, according to their cash flow capacity, to distribute the payments in various installments.


For most households, this fuel aid will be added to the usual energy check, sent in spring to some 6 million households, and the exceptional energy check at the end of the year that will be sent to 40% of households (12 million). .

This aid to fuel oil was decided this summer in a reform of the finance law, where an allocation of 230 million euros was allocated to “help the poorest households to heat with fuel oil to pay their energy bills”.

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