Diesel: how to request an energy bonus of 100 to 200 euros?

Diesel: how to request an energy bonus of 100 to 200 euros?

As of July 2022, the installation of diesel and coal boilers in new homes will be prohibited.
About 1.6 million households are affected by this fuel check for a maximum amount of 200 euros. (©Le Reveil Normand)

With the energy crisis raging, the government is paying checks to help the French get through the winter.

After the “classic” energy checks, paid during the year 2022, the State is now launching a new economic support campaign with a new check destined French-style heating with diesel. They had been thinking about it for a few months already, it was taken into account in the amending budget, voted on in July.

Up to 200 euros the 1.6 million affected households can be paid. Here’s how to apply.

A request that must be made in certain cases.

“For households that have already used an energy check to pay a fuel bill in the past, auto ship fuel check will be done at the end of November”we found out on the website of the Ministry of Economy.

On the other hand, for the rest of the homes it will be necessary to make an application. This will be done directly on the site dedicated to energy verification, from November 8, 2022As confirmed by the Ministry of Economy, contacted by news.fr.

Assistance that can be used for any energy bill

If this check cannot be used for bills already paid, households should not wait for your arrival to fill the fuel tank:

This fuel aid, which takes the form of an energy voucher, can be used to pay all types of energy bills (gas, electricity, fuel oil, wood pellets, etc.). Eligible households that have already filled their fuel tank when they receive the check will therefore not lose the benefit of the aid: they will be able to use this check to pay their electricity bill or their next fuel bill, for example, until March 2024 .

Ministry of Economy

The ministry also tells us that it is possible to “ask fuel oil suppliers, depending on their cash flow, spread the payments over several instalments.

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Up to 200 euros

the Amount of this aid is defined based on household income in 2020:

  • 200 euros for a single person in Smic (growth minimum wage) with at least one child;
  • 100 euros for a single person with minimum wage without children;
  • 100 euros for a single woman with two children who earns 3,000 euros net per month.

The aid will therefore come, for most households, in addition to the energy check paid in spring to just under 6 million households, and the exceptional energy check that will arrive in December 2022 for 12 million households.

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