Doctors Without Borders opposes the tightening of the migrant reception policy decreed by the government of Giorgia Meloni

Italy only allows vulnerable people, women and children to disembark on NGO boats that have rescued migrants at sea. The extreme right-wing government of Italy refuses to receive men on its territory.

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Now only women, children and frail people can disembark in Italy. Migrant men are sent back to the NGO boats. They are then called to leave the port of Catania in Sicily. Italy’s far-right government said on Friday, November 4, that only vulnerable people would be allowed to disembark for medical checks, after which ships would have to “withdraw” the remaining migrants from Italian waters. “The maritime law is very clear, protests the head of the Doctors Without Borders mission Juan Matías Gil, The rescue ends only when all the survivors have landed in a safe place.”

“We will not go out with migrants on board, otherwise the captain would have legal problems.”

Juan Matias Gil, Head of Mission of Doctors Without Borders

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Doctors Without Borders filed an appeal with the administrative court to be able to disembark all the survivors. But the Georgia Meloni government justifies its new policy and wants to criminalize NGOs. “These are organized practices, assures the deputy of the League Alberto Bagnai on the Italian television channel Skywe know that these people, who are defined by some as human traffickers, are organizing and gathering.” “It also looks a lot like an attempt to socially destabilize a country like Italy that honestly doesn’t need it.” According to the latest figures, barely 15% of the migrants are recovered by NGOs, the vast majority reaching the Italian coast in improvised boats.

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