double of his mother on the red carpet, the resemblance is incredible

Marion Cotillard is undoubtedly one of the great names of French cinema. She revealed herself at the end of the 1990 for his role in the saga Cab. then appears in Child’s playnext to his future partnerGuillaume Canet. The papers begin to multiply for the daughter of Niseema Theillaud, who also resembles her as two drops of water.

we will see it in a long wedding sunday, The black box, Dikkenekafter The Mummy in 2007. This last film is a true revelation for Marion Cotillard, who thus achieved international fame. She then plays on Public Enemies, Origin, either The tissues. That’s it, his career is well and truly. thrown out.

a successful career

Other successful feature films they fight to get her into the cast. Midnight in Paris, Contagion, Rust and Boneafter The dark knight risesMarion Cotillard is Everywhere. She also appears in Two Days One Night, Macbeth, It’s Only The End Of The World, Allies Where assassin’s Creed. Suffice it to say that his filmography does not fit on a single page.

Also, Marion Cotillard has to in the blood. Yes, her mother Monique Niseema Theillaud is also an actress! A teacher at the Orleans Conservatory, she was a source of inspiration for her daughter. During an interview for Le Figaro, the latter confided.

Marion Cotillard remembers her youth

marion cotillard said: In Orleans, I went to a boarding school. I didn’t like it very much, but I took my mother’s theater workshop. I never said to myself: ‘I want to be an actress’. Everything became obvious. »

Niseema Theillaud has tried several routes. Her eldest daughter remembers: My mother, when we went to see her, sometimes there was a problem with the babysitter. Because it was night, and these were not shows that could be understood by children. » shakespeare, Nietzsche Where burnishnothing scares Marion Cotillard’s mother, not even more beautiful lifeseries in which he most recently appears.

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Marion Cotillard is proud of her mother

The actress, who has just celebrated her 47 years on September 30, she seems very proud of her mother’s trip. In fact, Marion Cotillard stated: My mother, who has the courage, in her life, to experiment with all kinds of therapies, allowed me to have access, through her, to means of repair, of healing. Heal also the things that had to be healed in me. She is someone extremely important in my life and whom I adore. The bravest person I know. In any case, the actress seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps, both professionally and physically…

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