Draymond Green shouldn’t be suspended by Warriors

You may have seen the images yesterday afternoon, those of Draymond Green taking a meter of momentum to go get a baker’s loaf from Jordan Poole in full Warriors training. A few hours later and cold, the Warriors announced that they would fix this internally, that these are things that happen, and that they would especially like to know who had fun leaking the video.

Old memories of Patrice Evra and her mole hunt come back. For the youngest? We are in 2010 in South Africa, we are talking about the French soccer team that is about to lose all credibility in the World Cup, and after Nicolas Anelka’s expulsion from the group, Patrice Evra appears at the press conference and affirms it in voice aloud. and of course: the most important thing is not what happened in the locker room, but to find the mole who infiltrated it and who meets with the journalists. Anyway, let’s get back to basketball because we’re about to make Robert Duverne whistle you, all this to tell you that “the Draymond Green matter” will therefore be managed internally, as adults by the Warriors, and that the latter seem more focused on finding where the leak is coming from than dealing with poor Jordan Poole, who had to wake up this morning with a third ear in the middle of the day given the violence of the toast.

Golden State general manager Bob Myers was quick to react, just to put everyone at ease, just to leave him alone for a bit:

These are things that happen. No one likes it and we don’t excuse it, but it happens. Draymond apologized in front of the team, Jordan was present in the room at the time. Regardless of the sanction that is taken, we will manage it internally.

According to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews, there should be no suspension, and the ambition today on the Warriors’ side should be more focused on group chemistry, ten days before the season opener against the Lakers. We know that Draymond Green has a great character, some will even say he is a ballbuster, but we don’t write it because we are polite, others have noticed a change in Jordan Poole’s behavior in recent weeks due to his recent notoriety and the number of zeros what could be in his next contract, but all this is just speculation, unlike the flick that Dray sent on JP’s face, this one is very real.

Is Draymond Green a basketball player or a fighter? Did Jordan Poole swell up overnight? And how much TMZ may well have spun the sweeper to retrieve footage of this huge loaf? Here we probably would have said yes from 20K, life is hard but you have to negotiate huh.

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