Draymond Green speaks out about the hit over Poole

Because he never ran away from his responsibilities, Dramond Green decided to speak publicly about his coup in jordan poole. Therefore, he was in front of the journalists who appeared, and not on his podcast, and from the beginning he apologized.

First, I own up to my mistakes, and I was wrong to behave like this on Wednesday, and for that, I apologize to my team. I apologize to Jordan, and I even want to push him away again. With the leaking of the video, a great embarrassment arises, not just for me… but also for the team, for the franchise, but also for the Jordan family. It was worse than I thought. it was pathetic » it started. His family saw the video. Her mother and her father have seen the video. If my mom saw the video, I know how she must feel… »

He explains that he has seen the video 15 times…although he thinks it is “shit” that someone decided to put this video online. For him, there was a real desire to hurt him by leaking this video. From now on, you have to pick up the pieces, and that happens before winning the title.

I have a job to do which is to restore confidence in our locker room and put everything back in place to retain our title, even if it’s the least of my worries at the moment. is the priority. »

“I am not well at the moment, and I am working a lot on myself”

In passing, he explains that there was no jealousy between him and Poole over the contract extensions. The problem is quite personal and Green does not hide it. It is not, therefore, to give the reasons for his punch.

I’m not looking for sympathy… If anyone deserves sympathy, it’s Jordan and this team. he continues. ” I am a very imperfect human being. I know these flaws better than anyone. The day that happened, I really wasn’t doing well on a personal level. I work a lot on myself. I still have a lot to do. I failed as a leader, I failed as a man. Hurt people hurt people. I hurt someone because I was in pain.“.

Green is perfectly aware that something has broken within the group, and more specifically between him and Poole. This is what makes him even sadder because he had taken Jordan Poole under his wing, and they were very close: “ It’s something I regret. And there aren’t many things I regret in my life“. He hopes to regain his trust, but he is willing to accept anything. So far, they have not traded since Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Green decided to stay away from the group for a few days so that the group ” heal“. Will we see him for the first game against the Lakers in 10 days? ” I hope to play… Will I play? It is different… We are going to have to find a solution, and the answer is to go through all this“.

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