Dress-code, rituals, guests… How King Carlos III is about to revolutionize his coronation

Prince Edward, King Charles III and their son Prince William in front of St. George’s Chapel. (UK, September 19, 2022.) POOL / REUTERS

the mail on sunday revealed, on October 8, all the details of the king’s coronation, which will take place on June 3, 2023. The new sovereign of the United Kingdom has chosen to break with his predecessors.

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death on September 8, her eldest son, Prince Charles, succeeded to the throne and became King Charles III. If since then, the heir has been officially proclaimed sovereign of his country, during a ceremony at St. James’s Palace in London, the latter will only be crowned on June 3, 2023. Being the coronation a joyous event, he cannot, for the English, to take place in a period of mourning, which usually extends for a year after the death of a monarch. Meanwhile, the mail on sunday revealed, this Saturday, October 8, the first details about the future ceremony. Carlos III, who wanted to blow a wind of modernity over the new monarchy, thus broke with previous coronations.

Time-consuming rituals

At first, your ceremony should only last a little over an hour, against four according to tradition. If we have already witnessed the impatience of King Carlos III – the episode of the pen has made smiles beyond the borders of the country -, he wishes, therefore, without great surprise, to strip his coronation of “dark rituals and waste”, adding too much heaviness to the ceremony.This one was done inside Westminster Abbey anyway, like his mother and grandfather, before him.

On video, when King Carlos III loses patience because of… a pen

Split duration and guests too. About 8,000 people regularly attend the monarch’s coronation in the UK. But on June 3, the workforce will have to be reduced by 6,000. In fact, still according to the mail on sundaythe late queen’s son wanted to order among his guests, excluding many nobles and parliamentarians, coming to a total of only 2000 guests.

The dress code should also be lightened. The lavish ceremonial dresses will be replaced by more modest suits. “The king removed much of what constituted the coronation, recognizing that the world has evolved in seventy years,” a source told the media.. Elizabeth II was crowned with great fanfare at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1952, almost a year after the death of her father, King George VI.


Another small revolution within the monarchy: the new coins with the effigy of the king. the mail on sunday thus informs that, once again, Carlos III would like to break with an ancient tradition, consisting of inscribing the sovereign’s name in Latin on the picallones. For this new era, the coins will be minted with the inscription: “Charles III DG REX FD”. “The first name ‘Charles’ has been adopted on the coin of the sovereign, to emphasize that it is accessible and close to a modern public,” a source justified the media.

Coins flanked with the effigy of Carlos III. Abaca

However, on his coronation day next June, King Charles III will be transported to Westminster Abbey in his mother’s sumptuous carriage, the last all-gilt symbol of splendor, dating from 1762.

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