We must save the multiverse

In Undungeon you play as an interdimensional entity whose goal is to cross the different realities for exploration and backup purposes. In fact, we must save the Multiverse that seems to be doomed. This is a real adventure game with real time action in which you have to follow a main mission and complete other secondary ones.

The title is not available in French and it is very unfortunate because there are many dialogues and tutorials. It is especially the story that is quite complex if you have no knowledge of English or Russian. The story revolves around a rich tradition of mythology and scholarly explanations of the existence and workings of the Multiverse.

action to die for

How to play Undungeon? It’s a pretty standard action RPG. The action takes place in top view with one button for basic attacks, one for ranged attacks and one for using items. The gameplay at this level is very classic and clearly lacks identity.

However, it is on the side of the enemies that the title brings its touch of originality. As soon as they manage to hit you, they gain a percentage of the damage dealt as a bonus. Being cumulative, there is the whole challenge of the action: avoid being hit as much as possible or kill the opponent who has obtained a bonus. And you in all this? Nothing, nothing, there is no bonus if you chain the combos. You have to fight hard with basic attacks and dodges. Having no variation in attack rate, it quickly becomes monotonous.

A true role-playing game

Beyond the very basic and somewhat poorly adjusted combat system at the beginning, the RPG dimension is very well represented. We navigate through a map with day and night cycle. We discover places during exploration that rhyme with action. You can find equipment of all kinds there and defeated opponents drop crafting materials. The crafting system allows you to create all kinds of useful items and equipment.

We’re not just talking about armor or weapons. We also talk about organs. Yes, you read it right. It is possible to create a brain, heart, or other body part to replace the ones you already have. The purpose is the same as a piece of equipment. Which makes your character very customizable.

Finally, we gain experience points according to the confrontations, which allows us to gain levels, thus improving our parameters. It also unlocks rune slots that provide even more passive bonuses. Eventually, our character has a chance to become extremely powerful. This mitigates the unfair effect of enemies always dealing more damage. However, the road is long to get there and it can be daunting.

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