Electricity bonus: here we show you how to make big savings with Total and Engie

The government wants to reduce energy consumption by 10%. is to cope the risks of shortages and power outages. To do this, with the participation of the energy giants, the executive will enable an electricity bonus and other devices.

A light bonus this winter

EDF, Engie or TotalEnergies have announced the launch of various devices bonuses, discounts and challenges. This is for your most thrifty customers. It was the executive who recommended taking these measures to face the energy crisis.

In fact, this winter, the French are likely to experience shortages and power outages. Therefore, the government intends reduce energy consumption by 10%. When you significantly reduce your consumption, you save energy.

As a reminder, according to forecasts, the price of energy will increase by 15% in February 2023. That is why the government wants to implement the electricity bonus this winter. In addition, the suppliers have already made their proposals.

As part of the operation “My bonus Engie”, Engie will offer daily challenges. As for TotalEnergies, it reveals, based on its fall in consumption, a progressive scale of reductions.

This winter, consumers can receive bonus of up to 120 euros. With its Tempo offer, EDF allows you to benefit from advantageous rates 343 days a year according to a very specific calendar. A calendar that requires precise organization.

the total premium

The giant Total, through its CEO Patrick Pouyanné, announced the start of the operation “Consumption bonus”. They will launch the operation between November 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. How does this Total electricity bonus work?

Total will make a comparison of your consumption data. These are those between November 2021 and March 2022 and those between November 2022 and March 2023. From then on, the a progressive scale.

With consumption reduced by 5%, you will have 30 euros bonus. 36 euros with 6% and can reach up to 120 euros with a 20% discount. This will act as a roof. You will receive the bonus in April 2023 through a reduction in your bill.

If you have an electricity contract and you have a Linky meter, you will be entitled to this bonus. Your electricity contract must be valid from November 2021. The operation will refer to 3 million households in total. An annual bill of 1,000 euros reduced by 5% will save you 50 euros. Then you will have 30 euros bonus.

My Bonus Engie

For its part, Engie will offer its customers the opportunity to participate in small daily challenges. With these challenges, they could reduce your electricity consumption compared to the forecast between October 2022 and April 2023. It is an electricity bond called “My bonus Engie”.

Engie will warn households in case of high electrical voltage. Thus, they will be able to participate in a challenge to reduce your daily consumption, compared to conventional consumption. The latter calculated from the data of the last three weeks.

If you complete a challenge, you will see a bonus in your particular space Engie. You will receive the total amount raised at the end of winter. This payment will be made by automatic transfer or letter check.

You must inform Engie if you want to be part of the system. The provider will then access your daily electricity consumption data. Also, if you are interested in these daily challenges, you must declare yourself. Always with Engie.

EDF Tempo Offer

At EDF, the Tempo offer already exists. This option allows you to benefit from an advantageous electricity price 343 days a year. You can also significantly reduce your electricity usage for 22 days during the winter usage peak.

Tempo’s offer represents 600,000 subscribers. This is how this offer works. You buy the kWh in 12.72 euros for 300 days, so cheap. These 300 days are the blue days. The price is always advantageous for 43 days.

About the price of electricity in peak hours, for example, you can realize 10% savings. These days are white days. On the other hand, electricity is much more expensive during the coldest 22 days of the year. This is specified by EDF on its website. These 22 days are the red days.

All customers who have a regulated rate sales contract with a minimum power of 9 kVA can access the offer. You can also do it if you subscribe to this contract.

Please note that this option requires quite a meticulous organization. To postpone most of your electricity consumption on the red days of Tempo, it is best to adapt your schedule.

energetic sobriety

This Thursday, the government presented an energy sobriety plan to reduce fuel consumption by 10%. Several ministers have managed to give the details of this plan.

Emmanuel Macron spoke to businessmen. In addition, the Head of State will intervene next Wednesday on France 2. The government evoked this strategy of tension, day after day. And this, for more than a month.

Clearly, it is since the president decreed the “end of abundance” At the end of August. Energetic sobriety is the plan that announces that we enter the hard. The government intends to continue long-term implementation with this energetic sobriety.

As proof, the government will again communicate to the French every week the evolution of our gas consumption and electricity. As a reminder, Jean Castex, Olivier VĂ©ran and JĂ©rĂ´me Salomon did the same during the pandemic.

They regularly presented the litany of curves and figures on the number of contaminations or hospitalizations to the French. So here we are at war again in the face of the energy crisis. In fact, the risk of shortages is real, so it also requires a real political strategy.

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