Emmanuel Petit arms Kylian Mbappé

What’s next after this announcement?

During the last international break, Emmanuel Petit attacked Kylian Mbappé at the microphone of CMR sports. The 98 world champion did not appreciate the KM7 press release that complained about his positioning at PSG. On Monday night, Emmanuel Petit knocked out the French star again, who posted an embarrassing message on his social networks with the hashtag “pivot gang”. “In recent weeks I find him off topic in his communication, explained our consultant. I find that it is getting further and further away from the central theme, which is the game and the field. He’s making it more and more of a personal matter.He started explaining.

He then added: “Of course I hear rumors that promises haven’t been kept, but I want to tell him, ‘Kylian, grow up, that’s life.’ It’s the same every day. They make promises to you that no one keeps most of the time, does that mean you have to stop working and question everything? Of course not. This is what we call everyday life, adult life, adult life. Kylian, the sooner you’ve resolved your issues with yourself, the sooner your performance on the pitch will be affected and your relationships with the crowd and your teammates will regain some appeasement. He annoys everyone today. . He makes it personal all the time. He even puts himself above the institution. Has everything that has happened in recent months gone to your head? His emoluments from him that make him the highest paid player in the world? At PSG, we certainly made promises to him, telling him that the project would be built around him… (…) Kylian, you started in completely different positions at AS Monaco. You were on the right side when you arrived at PSG, then you were on the left side. You are now on the axis. But he never freezes in the field. The forward players spend their time moving and changing in their respective zones. The club is more important than any player. Today, Mbappé’s statements are irrelevant and show a lack of respect for the institution, but also for its partners. Because by saying that, he is targeting his coach but also certain players. I find it pitiful”. Mbappé has still taken a long time!

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