Energy crisis: the energy check postponed for a month for all households

Energy crisis: the energy check postponed for a month for all households

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced on Monday that the energy check, expected in November, would not be implemented until December. However, the first month will be doubled to compensate for the month of November.

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LPrime Minister Alexander De Croo was the guest of Matin Première on Monday. He returned to the hot topics of the day, such as support measures for the energy crisis and the strike planned for November 9.

The energy check introduced in December

The basic gas and electricity package at 196 euros per month will not be granted in November and will therefore be doubled in December, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo confirmed in La Première (RTBF) on Monday.

“There are technical difficulties to implement it with some providers. The check itself will be paid from December, that is, a month later, but the total amount will be the same”, said the head of the federal government, regarding this task that corresponds to the operators.

“We tried to do the impossible to still have it on the November bill, but it turns out that it is impossible. It is quite complicated to implement because there are many filters to do on the invoices. So it won’t be on the November bill yet, but it will be doubled on the December bill,” according to Mr De Croo (Open VLD).

Faced with the energy price crisis, the Government decided last September to grant households that meet the established conditions a basic energy package for the months of November and December 2022 of gas (135 euros/month) and electricity (61 euros/month). When preparing the 2023-2024 budget last month, the Government had also decided to extend these bonuses until March 2023, “that is, almost 1,000 euros in total.”

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“Indexing is still the best protection”

Returning to the interprofessional strike that is looming on Wednesday, November 9, the prime minister says that “he understands the concern of the Belgians.” However, he recalls the important role that automatic indexing plays in preserving purchasing power. “Indexing is the best protection we have. And there it will stay,” he said.

“In times of crisis, it will never be enough,” he adds, referring to salary negotiations that will have to be stopped in the coming years. With a salary indexation of 10% in January, Alexander De Croo calls for understanding “the difficulties of employers” and “empathy” towards them.

The COPs, “the only place where we get results”

As COP27 has just started, Alexander De Croo underlined its importance in the fight against global warming. “COPs are the only place where you get results,” the Prime Minister said. “If you really want to stop global warming, you have to make decisions all over the world. »

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Alexander De Croo also hopes that Belgium can use this opportunity to showcase its expertise, particularly in offshore wind power.

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