Energy sobriety: here is the trick that will reduce your electricity consumption by -20 to -30%

The production of hot water in a home is often poorly regulated. Here’s how to take steps to significantly lower your bill.

What if that were the end of abundance? While the Government will present its energy sobriety plan this Thursday, the French will be invited to make harmless gestures that will prevent excessive electricity consumption. And to convince, the State will emphasize these actions that will be good for your bill and good for the planet.

And among them, a piece of advice that few French people think about: the temperature of the hot water. A government communication campaign will invite the French next week to make this small gesture that will not be trivial since it can reduce the electricity bill between -20 and -30% in a few months.

You should know that the water leaves your water heater at a temperature between 65°C and 70°C and can go up to 80°C in case of an incorrect setting. “A temperature that you will never use, otherwise you run the risk of burning your hands,” Olivier Véran, a government spokesman, said on Wednesday.

Lowering the temperature to about 60°C will allow immediate savings. In fact, according to Ademe, the production of domestic hot water can represent up to 20% of domestic energy consumption, or 270 euros on average.

In addition, the production of this waste heat costs each household 83 euros per year.

Beware of the risks of legionellosis

However, be careful not to drop the temperature below 55°C, which could allow bacteria such as Legionnaires’ disease to grow.

The professionals are unanimous, the ideal temperature is 60°C! And if it is good for your bill in the short term, this advice is also good in the medium and long term. In fact, the hotter the water, the greater the amount of scale that forms. And therefore the wear of the clusters will be faster.

But when it comes to hot water, there is another even more interesting tip to save money: invest in flow reducers (efficient aerators and showers). They allow a household to save 40 euros a year.

How to lower the temperature of your cumulus?

The gesture is not very complicated for any handyman but it may also require the intervention of a professional for greater safety.

The thermostat is located under the water heater and sometimes a cover must be removed.

Some models are equipped with a graduated wheel that indicates temperatures directly.
Others are equipped with a dial graduated from 1 to 5. At this time, consult your water heater’s instructions for where to place the cursor. If in doubt, turn the knob to 3 or 4. Then take the temperature at the faucet, once the water heater has turned on. Simply place a thermometer under the water. If it’s too cold you’ll have to turn the slider up, if it’s too hot you’ll have to turn it down a bit.

More imprecise, some dials only indicate “+ and -“. Before any intervention, measure the temperature of the tap water. Depending on this, adapt the settings. Insert your screwdriver into the slot provided, then turn it towards + or – as needed.

In case of absence, turn off the water heater

Eye, one last gesture to save on the electricity bill. In case of absence of 3 days or more, do not hesitate to cut your accumulation. It will consume less energy when recharging than if it had to keep the water hot every day while you are away. The only drawback, you will not have hot water when you return…

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